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NexStrap – Sunglasses Retainer Device

NexStep Products is a company based out of Denver, Colorado. They have a full line up of products to keep your eyewear and accessories dry or at the very least, floating and findable!

These are friends of mine and are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to expand operations and keep the manufacturing in the US.

Paddle Boarding in Charleston SC

One great way to enjoy an afternoon in nature in South Carolina is paddle boarding. Let us help you find the best places to rent and paddle in Charleston SC

Paddle Boarding in San Diego

There is a multitude of places to visit in San Diego from famous San Diego Zoo, the Midway Museum – heck, you can take a Segway tour of the entire area! One option that you may have considered during your trip is paddle boarding.

Paddle Boarding in Austin

There are lots of adventures waiting for you in Austin, Texas. There is just so much to do there is no way you could pack it all into one week. For many people, a great way to enjoy nature while still getting to see some of the place they are visiting is by paddle boarding.

Paddle Boarding in Seattle

Depending on your options (did you bring your inflatable SUP or are you renting one?) you will be looking at a few different places to go paddle boarding once you are in Seattle.

Paddle Boarding in Miami

For those who are new to paddle boarding in Miami, then you should know that it is the perfect experience for anyone – young or old, tall or short, paddle boarding is simple and basically anyone can do it with a short instructional lesson and some patience.

Paddle Board Vancouver BC

One of the most beautiful cities on the planet, Vancouver BC is situated on the far West coast of Canada in the province of British Columbia (Hence, the BC part). With around 2 million people in the Greater Vancouver Area, Vancouver is home to people who love the outdoors and exploring new activities.

Paddle Board Reviews By Company

Tower Paddle Board is the brand, the importer, the shop and the sales team. In fancy business terms, that’s to say they’re vertically integrated. In real terms it means you pay less for a better product. Slick deal

Riviera specializes in Paddle Surf Boards. The 8″ isn’t as slick as Star Board’s pocket rocket and 9’2″ isn’t as good as the NAISH lineup. That said, overall these are pretty solid boards at reasonable price.

BIC has been a leading manufacturer in windsurfing for the past twenty years. They’ve taken this knowledge and applied it directly to their paddle boards. The results are nothing short of terrific.

Probably best known for those big, what-could-you-possibly-need-that-for cases, Pelican makes a decent Paddle Board. They’re not at the top of my list but the kids line: Vibe 80 is a pretty cool option.

NAISH, a Hawaiian board manufacturer knows a thing or two about water sports. For 25 years they’ve been selling kite boards, windsurfing boards and of course, paddle boards. Click the logo to read all of our NAISH reviews.

Hobie Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews

This cat named Hobie Alter has been making boards (surf boards back then) since the 50’s. Today Hobie (the company) is one of the leaders in all things water sports, including SUPs.

Another water sport vet. As you may have guessed Surftech started producing surfboards over 25 years ago. Today, they feature a full line up of surf boards and paddle boards.

Some More Paddle Board Reviews

Cheap Paddle Boards

Maybe you’ve rented a paddle board and now you’re ready to own your own. Or you want to bring one up to cabin for the kids so they’re less of a pain in your ass. Whatever the reason, we look at boards that have a solid track record. Oh and they all cost less than $700

Tower Adventurer 9'10

Tower Paddle Boards burst onto the scene offering high quality for a low price. Since then a number of others have emerged with cost effective SUPs. In our opinion, Tower’s 9’10” Adventurer still offers the best value on the market.

Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable Boards are portable, light weight, cheaper relative to solid construction and real durable. As an all-around casual board inflatables are damn hard to beat. We look at some of the best boards on the market that will fit any budget. If you’re new to the sport start here.

Solstice Paddle Board Review

The Solstice Bali is the cheapest full sized paddle board on the market. It’s an ideal board for beginners or the casual paddler looking for a board to leave at the lake or the cottage.

SUP's For Yoga

ySUPin’ is the bee knees, cats PJ’s and fiddler’s fiddle. If you’ve never tried it, find a local class and give it a go. It’s incredible – but in order to get the most out of your experience you’re going to want the right ySUP board. We help you figure out which boards are best.

Keeper Stand Up Paddle Board

The Keeper Stand Up Paddle Board is one of the least expensive solid construction boards on the market. Read on to find out if the Keeper SUP is right for you.

Paddle Board Paddles

Aside from the board itself, Paddles, are the most important piece of equipment. The question becomes; do you buy a wooden, fibreglass or carbon fibre? Let us help you out.