Ocean Kayak Malibu Two TandemThe Malibu Two from Ocean Kayak is a real game changer in the world of tandem kayaks, and if you’re not sure why, it’s time you dive in ad explore how this great kayak can enrich your kayaking experience forever. Boasting two seats – pretty obviously – the Malibu Two is only a two seater if and when you need it to function that way. The great thing about it is that this sit-on-top kayak has a molded seat and accompanying foot wells in the center, so that it can be easily paddled as a single seater.

If that’s not awesome, then we don’t what is! Set up with the aft seat very close to the stern, the Malibu Two gives the paddler very easy steering control over the kayak.

While you’re at it, take a look at some kayak paddle reviews!

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Review

Here are the specs:

  • Features three molded-in seat wells
  • Comes with a gear strap
  • Has patented overlapping foot wells
  • It seats two adults, plus a small child or pet and can also be paddles solo from the center seat.
LENGTH 12′ 0″ / 3.7 m
WIDTH 34″ / 86.4 cm
SEAT WIDTHS 18.5″ / 47.0 cm
20.25″ / 51.4 cm
16.25″ / 41.3 cm
WEIGHT 58 lbs. / 26.3 kg
MAX CAPACITY 375-425 lbs. /
170.1 – 192.8 kg


Here’s what we Love

  • You get great maneuverability from the aft seat
  • It has excellent stability, and thanks to the wide stance, this is a very solid and stable kayak, especially for beginner kayakers.
  • With a carrying capacity of 300-350 pounds, it has a solid weight capacity
  • It has a nice large bow, which makes for a great seat for a small child.
  • It comes with stock pad eyes for the attachment of a seat. The back support really extends the time that you can comfortably paddle out on the water.
  • It comes with built in carry bow and stern handles.
  • It’s made of a very thick and heavy duty plastic
  • It’s versatile seating options make it a great solo and tandem kayak
  • You actually CAN car top this kayak out to where you need to go
  • It gives you more than enough leg room, even for a 6’4” adult, so you can sit comfortably in front and moderately comfortably in the aft seat.

Here’s what we Don’t Like:

  • The kayak has a really rough finish on the upper deck plastic and because the surface is porous, it will fade and capture dirt like nobody’s business.
  • It totally lacks a bow or stern bungees.
  • It’s not fast, it’s very heavy and very wide
  • It doesn’t have any real molded cup holders
  • We wouldn’t recommend that you try to lift this massive kayak up to the top of the car by yourself, or even just with the help of another adult, it’s really big!

The Pros and Cons

The benefits of this recreational kayak are quite simple to see. It’s a great choice for a couple or a small family.

The design and versatility together with the comfort factor, makes this kayak pretty awesome for a relaxing, short kayaking trip.

Because it has multiple paddling positions, you’re not as limited when it comes to what you can do with it.

The Wrap Up

This really is a MASSIVE single person sit-on-top kayak which just happens to easily convert into a tandem kayak, depending on how the seats are set up. It has amazing primary and secondary stability, by far outperforming other kayaks in its class.

You don’t want to invest in this kayak if speed is your main consideration, but if you need something that can accommodate a small family for a slow paced cruise; the Malibu Two is a great choice.

You’re also NOT going to want to go very far with this monster kayak, because gliding simply is not a strong suit for this kayak.

With a 4.4 out of 5 star overall rating on Amazon, customers seem pretty happy with their purchase. As long as you know exactly what it is you’re purchasing and what its capabilities are, the Malibu Two could just turn out to be the best investment you can make in terms of buying a great family style cruising kayak.