ISLE Airtech Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Isle Airtech SUP 

ISle Airtech 10' iSUP Review

Price: $

Type of Board: Inflatable Paddleboard

Construction: Inflatable

Size: 10 Feet (10′ x 31″ x 6″)

Overall Rating

4.8 out of 5 stars

There are a bunch of inflatable stand-up paddleboards out there, and while most of them are dirt-cheap, those boards usually don’t bring a lot of quality to the table.

There are a few exceptions to this rule though, and the Isle Airtech 10ft iSUP is one of those gems. If you’re willing to splash a little more cash, this might be the best value you can buy into when it comes to inflatable SUPs.

Why This Board?

As if the looks aren’t enough to seal the deal, the Isle Airtech comes with everything you need to get out on the water. Included in the deal you’ll get a high-pressure air pump, and adjustable paddle, and a removable travel-fin for your board.

Isle Airtech SUP First Impressions

Although it’s a superior quality board that costs a bit more than your average (cheap) inflatable SUP, the Isle Airtech is, in essence, still a beginner’s board. The package really brings a bunch of cool features to the table, and these features are part of the reason why you’ll be amped to get your hands on it STAT. If you’re looking for a SUP that’s easy to store, has a surf-style design, offers you outstanding durability and comes with all the accessories you could ever need to get out there, then the Isle Airtech is a superb option to consider.


When you take the Isle Airtech’s price tag and design into consideration, it simply soars above the competition as one of the best inflatable paddle boards put there. This isn’t the world’s longest board, and it doesn’t have the most responsive adjustable knob, so sure, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we’re betting it’ll satisfy a lot more paddlers than the ones it won’t impress.

Isle’s Airtech SUP is incredibly solid (considering the fact that’s it’s an inflatable), and its every bit as firm and tough as traditional SUPs, plus the fact that it’ll support weights of up to 200 pounds is a great added bonus.

The Isle Airtech really performs: Its solid, deliberately constructed, and elegantly functional, which makes it totally efficient.

The Features

As if you need any more convincing that the Isle Airtech package is great, there’s even more good news. It’s a very compact system: It packs down to the size of a sleeping bag for easy storage and transportation!

The Isle Airtech SUP also has a nose-mounted bungee system which allows for quick and simple gear attachment, perfect for handy access, plus it comes with a handy carry handle for painless transport. You’ll also appreciate the board’s stainless steel D-ring which makes attaching a leash (or tying it up to the dock or a boat) super easy.

What We Love About the AirTech

  • It’s solid and tracks good
  • It’s durable and comes with a removable center fin
  • It comes with all the accessories you need to get out on the water
  • It packs down to a small, compressed size, perfect for traveling and storage purposes
  • It will hold up to 200 pounds, and it’s a rigid board at 15 PSI
  • The board is great for flat water surfaces, river runs and small waves
  • It comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • The board offers a great price to value ratio

What Could Have Been Better

  • The board could have been a little longer
  • It’s a little clunky in the water at times
  • The paddle is a little on heavy side and doesn’t float
  • It doesn’t track straight all that well (but don’t all inflatables do this?)
  • You’ll sacrifice a little speed and performance for the sake of convenience

More About The Company

Isle Surf & SUP is well known for their awesome, well-rounded collection of SUPs. This American company started up in 2004, and has been providing the market with high-quality surf and stand-up paddleboard products ever since.

Isle Airtech Inflatable SUP Final Thoughts

The 10 feet Isle Airtech SUP isn’t the company’s best-selling model for no reason: The trim, stylish design is perfect for paddlers of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a versatile board for those flat water paddling days that’ll pack a mighty punch when it comes to performance, you couldn’t go wrong with the Isle Airtech.

The ding-resistant, military-grade outer skin of the Isle Airtech is the best way to get that much sought after durability and stability you want and need in an inflatable board. Given the fact that this board inflates in a mere 5 seconds, stores and transports easily, it’s a no-brainer that this is a solid investment that you won’t regret making!