How and Where to Find the Best Kayak Lock – Your Essential Guide

With the rise in kayaking’s popularity, sadly something else has also been rising…kayak theft.

Kayaks seem to be magically ‘walking away’ from docks and yards, and they’ve even developed the ability to lift themselves off the roofs of cars and go their own ways.

It seems like the time to take action is now, paddlers out there have to start coming up with innovative ways in which we can finally put an end to this modern-day act of crime.

With the hopes of empowering paddlers out there, helping them keep their kayaks as safe as possible, we’ve put this post together which lists all the tips and tricks we have up our sleeves when it comes to keeping kayaks safe.

All you have to do is to follow our simple advice and see how they might be able to fit into your routine, perhaps they could be the best ways in which you can ensure the safety and security of your kayak!


Keep Your Kayak Safe – General Tips and Tricks

1. Memorize Your Kayak’s Hull ID

All kayaks are manufactured and branded with their own unique Hull Identification Numbers (also known as HIN codes). You’ll find it near the stern, so make sure you feel around for it as it may be lightly etched into the body. Make sure you write that number down and keep it somewhere safe. This will help you claim your kayak in the event that it is stolen and recovered.


2. Always Store Your Kayak in a Safe, Secure Place

Kayak thieves will always go after the quickest and easiest target, which is why you need to make it hard for them to steal your yack. Safe storage spaces include areas such as basements, garages, and locked sheds. If you have to store your kayak outside, ensure that you’re securing it with a locked security cleat so that you can tie your kayak to a fixed building or a tree.


3. Keep Your Kayak Locked While in Transit

If you’re transporting your kayak to or from the waters, its super important to keep it locked up while it’s on the roof rack because you just never know when you’ll have to leave it unattended for a second or two. Using a Lasso Security Cable is one of your absolute best options, it’s one of the best security systems for kayaks on the market, and we all use it to ensure the safety of our kayaks.


4. Consider Taking out Kayak Insurance

You might have coverage for your kayak if you have insurance on your home contents, but taking out another policy, specifically catering to your kayak, you can rest assured that you will be covered in the event of theft.


5. Make Use of Locks and Permanent Identification

Cable locks and lassos are great for securing kayaks to our roof racks, but one of them on their own might not be the most effective when it comes to deterring criminals. You can also add engraved identifiers to your kayak, which just adds another level of security to the deal. Make sure that you’ve added a marking somewhere inside the kayak (a marking which only you are aware of), which can later be used to identify your vessel should it be stolen and recovered.


Review of the Best Lock for Kayaks

So after doing some serious investigation and giving a hand full of products a run for their money, we crowned the Original Lasso Kayak Lock the king of the ring in its market category. Have a look at our review and see why it’s one of the most popular and most effective in its kind…

Lasso Original Kayak Lock

Initial Impressions

Lasso Security Cables is the manufacturer of the Lasso Original Kayak Lock. This lock looks sleek with its vinyl coated cable. Sporting 2 loops which are connected by a centrally integrated lock, this lock looked like it would do an amazing job of deterring criminals.

You get 5 meters of cable to work with, which is plenty. Coming in at a total weight of 1360 grams, the Lasso Lock isn’t too heavy, which makes it ideal for solo operation. We really liked the fact that the lock itself works with a re-settable 4 digit code, a perfect way to keep your security measures up to date.


Behind the Scenes – How the Lock Works

When using the Lasso Original Kayak Lock, paddlers have to initially strap their kayaks to the roof racks of their cars, securing one of the lock loops over the kayak and the other loop over the stern of the vessel. Once you’re sure that one end of the cable trails underneath the roof rack, you’ll complete the security system by connecting the two points of the cable and locking the lock.

While it sounds like a lengthy operation, we can assure you that we did the whole routine without any problems and in the shortest of time.

This lock can be used with all single touring kayaks, although we’re pretty sure it’ll still do an amazing job with any tandem kayak as well. Just make sure that you order the wider cable if you have a tandem kayak though, Lasso caters for all needs when it comes to this.

What we liked about the lock is the fact that it secures the hull of your kayak to the roof rack, which eliminates the need to secure any additional attachment points to your vessel. The lock also comes covered with a plastic casing, which is great for folks looking to prevent their kayaks from any scratch damage.

This locking system can also be used to secure your kayak to any immovable, fixed object, such as a tree or a lamppost; it doesn’t limit you to the roof rack of your car. We reckon that this security system is super versatile since it gives you so much length to work with.


Final Thoughts on the Lasso Original Kayak Lock

Lasso’s Original Kayak Lock provided us with all the safety and security we could have ever wanted and need for our kayaks, whether we were on the move or just securing our kayaks and keeping them out of the hands of crooks.

Since it’s a simple and quick-use system, doesn’t require any additional attachments to be fitted to the kayak, and is perfectly adaptable, we reckon that the Lasso Kayak Locks by far the best lock for your kayak.


Need Some D.I.Y Help?

There are tons of videos online which will show you – step-by-step – how to secure and lock up your kayak to keep it safe and out of the hands of criminals looking to steal your kayak. To get you started off, have a look at the video below.



At the end of the day, kayak thieves will find a way to steal a kayak if they’re out to get the job done. The best that you can do as a kayaker is to ensure that you’re making the task that much harder for them, making your kayak as unattractive as possible.

Whether you’re the owner of an inflatable kayak or you own a fishing kayak, investing in a kayak lock such as the Lasso Kayak Lock is definitely a worthwhile consideration you’ll have to make.

When you combine the effective and efficient theft-prevention tips and tricks we armed you with in this post, and you couple that up with the anti-theft capabilities of a top notch kayak lock found in brands such as Lasso, you’re doing the very best you can in order to ensure the safety and security of your kayak. Don’t let crooks get the upper hand here, you’re armed with all the info you need to keep things safe, now all you have to do is implement it!