Best SUP Transport Bags

Once you have invested into a great stand up paddleboard, you’ll know that protecting that board against damage while transporting it to the spot where you want to surf is super important. The might look easy to transport, but their long and flat shapes often make transporting SUP’s a little trickier than you originally thought.

The best way to ensure that your board stays safe when you are transporting it is to ensure you have a high quality board bag that will protect it en route to the destination.


Our #1 Selling SUP Transport Bag



Here are our top picks of SUP transport bags:

The Heavy Duty Bag

cornerstoneThe Cornerstone Surfboards and Stand Up Paddleboard SUP Bag  

Greco Surf has designed this high quality SUP bag that helps you take care of your board on the road. The bag is made from Tarpaulin material which is heat resistant and also water resistant. It has a 1/5” Foam Protective Interior which protects your board when the road gets a little bumpy. The bag also has a built-in comfortable handle hook in the Shoulder Strap which gives you more flexibility for how you want to carry it. Greco Surf is a renowned brand of both boards and protective carrying bags and is sure to keep your board in safe hands when you’re on the road.

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The Sleeve

Dakine SUP Sleeve

The Dakine SUP Sleeve is great at protecting your board against dings whilst you’re transporting it. It has a durable 600D polyester top and a heat and water resistant tarpaulin bottom which ensures it is built to last. ¼” of Foam padding at the nose and bottom ensures that your board will be covered in some of the most vulnerable areas and the easy entry top zipper as well as the zipper fin slot makes it super easy to use.dakine sleeve

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The Cover

Creatures of Leisure Day Use SUP Cover

Creatures of Leisure have been a reputable brand for over a quarter century, and this product is no different. The Day Use SUP Cover is made from 600D polyester fabric which is heat reflective and has a 5mm closed cell padding which just gives you that added piece of mind, It also comes with a 12 month warranty which means you can be sure that this Cover was built with durability in mind.the cover

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For the Inflatable SUP

inflatableIsle Inflatable SUP Carrying Back Pack

The Isle Inflatable SUP Bag carries either a 10 foot or 12 foot, 6 inch SUP, which gives you a little room to play around when it comes to board sizes. As the name implies, this bag was designed especially for the inflatable SUP and helps to protect it against the elements while traveling or for when you want to safely store it away. It comes with a shoulder and waist strap which ensures easy transportation and it also includes an outer bungee system which lets you easily carry your inflatable pump along.

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The All-Size Board Bag

wide styleNaish SUP Wide Style Board Bag

Naish bags are designed with your board’s safety in mind, whether it’s for storing it, or you’re taking your board out to your favorite spot. The generous sizing of the bag means that it accommodates just about any size of board and the fact that it has removable shoulder straps means you have the option of carrying it around in different ways. It also has a heavy duty plastic zipper which will never rust and the water resistant internal foam padding gives you added piece of mind that the bag is keeping your precious board safe all the way.

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It’s essential to remember that you should always ensure that you don’t damage the surface of your board, and if you’re not lucky enough to drive a pickup or van for transporting your SUP, then effectively, your best option would be to transport it on top of your vehicle’s roof. Before you even consider buying the bag, make sure that you’ve got the following down:

  • Your SUP should always be flat on the roof with the fins facing up when being transported.
  • Consider using nose and tail lines that you use as tie downs in order to ensure your SUP is securely tied down to the vehicle.
  • Get and install a heavy duty rack, which is the most secure way to transport your SUP on top of your vehicle’s roof. Some great producers of heavy duty racks are Thule and Yakima.
  • If you’re transporting more than one board, stack the boards on top of each other and place a towel in between every board to ensure that they’re not damaging each other.
  • Remember that boards are built to withstand the hammering of a 20-foot wave, but it surely wasn’t built with your car door slamming into it in mind, and a minor incident like that could expose the foam and cause bad ass water damage.

Whichever way you choose to cover your bag on the way to a new destination, always just ensure that you at least put a protective sock over it to ensure that it doesn’t scratch. Getting a heavy duty bag with internal foam is still your very best and safest bet here and will ensure that your board is protected from the elements that life throws its way while it’s en route to a destination. Better safe than sorry. Like we mentioned before, the slightest bump from something like a car door could cause the foam of your board to become exposed and then you’re up against some major water damage. Some of the best board bags out there might be quite the investment to make, but consider it an investment in the life-span of your board, because 75% of this will be spent on the road to a great new spot.