The Best SUP & Surf Wall Racks

A brand new SUP is an expensive purchase so why are you still storing it on the floor of your garage? Even the cheapest SUPs on the market will cost you a bare minimum of $500 so you can’t treat it like a pair of old shoes and expect it to produce maximum performance. If you store a board incorrectly, it can become damaged and ruin your enjoyment. Fortunately, there is a host of SUP/Surfboard wall racks on the market designed for this very purpose.

SUP Board# Of BoardsRatingPrice
Paddleboard "Naked Rack" Display Rack1$
Gatekeeper 3 Board Wall Rack3$$$
Nice Rack, Single Board Ceiling Rack1$
Reef Raxs SUP Rack1$$

Surfboard and Paddle Board Wall Rack


Don’t be fooled; a SUP is more than just an oversized surfboard and it can be difficult to store. Many would-be paddlers don’t even consider the possible storage issue and only find out the problem when it’s too late and the purchase has already been made. Certain SUPs can be 12 foot long and around 30+ inches wide. Even the smallest SUPs are 8 foot long and unless you live in a home with a very high ceiling, vertical storage is an impossibility.

This is where SUP wall racks come in. Your storage room options are typically the garage, living room or a special recreation room if you’re fortunate enough to have one. With a SUP wall rack, you can safely store your board out of the way in what is a fantastic space saving measure. It is also an effective way to tap into overhead storage space which will otherwise remain unused.

What To Look For

You should be looking for SUP wall racks made with the most durable of materials because they should last for decades. They also need to be weather resistant if you’re interested in outdoor storage. Typically, the top SUP wall racks on the market will be made from materials such as heavy duty steel and will also have soft cushioning to ensure no harm comes to your board.

Most wall racks are sold in pairs and actually resemble two metal brackets. Since they need to hold boards weighing up to 50 pounds, they should have high quality lag bolts or something similar to secure the rack. Above all, it should be easy to install the rack so only a moderate level of DIY skill is required. Ultimately, it should not only make it easy to store your board, it should also protect the board from accidental damage and ensure that Riviera is riding waves for many years to come.

Best Paddle Board and Surf Board Walls Racks

SUP Store and Display Racks from Store Your Board

How do you store your paddleboards in between trips out on the water? Hopefully not in the corner of your garage where they get damaged. Our friends at StoreYourBoard have SUP racks to safely and securely store and display your paddleboards at home when you aren’t using them. They have all your storage needs covered – single/multiple boards, indoor/outdoor, and lots more.

Here’s a few racks to give you an idea of what’s out there to store and display your SUPs:

Paddleboard “Naked Rack” Display Rack

The SUP Naked Rack gets its name from its minimalistic design; it’s like the rack isn’t even there. It comes in heavy duty aluminum with foam padding to protect your boards when racking. Great for decorating your house with something you like – your surfboards and SUPs.

SUP Rack Display living room

Steel Multi SUP Rack:

Another multi-board rack, this paddleboard storage rack stores 3 paddleboards horizontally. The steel is plenty strong to support your Isle paddleboards, and will help you keep your SUPs in great shape by making sure they’re stored off the ground and out of harm’s way. A small investment in this rack goes a long way to protect your bigger investment in your paddleboards.

SYB SUP Racks (1)

Gatekeeper SUP Wall Rack

At $129, the Gatekeeper is one of the most expensive SUP wall racks we’ve tested but it does appear as if it’s a good choice for those with top of the range SUPs. It comes as a pair of racks and the on-rail part of the kit means you will be storing your paddle board at a 45 degree angle which is different to the majority of racks we have reviewed. However, this is a terrific innovation as this form of storage could save you up to a foot of room space.

As it is a pairing, it is automatically more expensive but the good news is that there is also room for your paddle. Indeed, there is so much space available you could even store a second board (or a third board) if you wish. It is made from steel and has a welded construction so you know it can easily hold the weight of a few paddle boards. We like the neat and clean design which means this SUP wall rack does not stand out gaudily in a room. Its depth from the wall is a touch over 18 inches and its base height is 21 inches.

Overall, the Gatekeeper is one of the best SUP wall racks you can purchase so if you have the money (and an expensive board), it comes highly recommended.

Nice Rack SUP Surfboard Ceiling Rack

At $59, this is a value for money offering from Nice Rack. It offers ultra-convenient storage on your roof so your SUP remains out of the way. You may be nervous about storing your SUP overhead but don’t be; the Nice Rack SUP Rack is made from steel and has a heavy duty construction. As a result, there is no problem when it comes to holding the weight of even the largest SUPs.

It fits SUPs with rails of up to 6 inches thick, is sold in pairs and can be used indoors or outdoors because it is weather resistant. This SUP wall rack is made from nitrile foam padding which provides your board with the optimum level of protection. The pack includes wall lag bolts for solid installation and you can put it together in a matter of minutes.

We were really pleased with this offering from Nice Rack and it is also available for a nice price!

Reef Raxs SUP Rack

In theory, this looks like a great idea and there are a number of different Reef Raxs packages including double, triple and quad. That’s right; you could store up to four SUPs for less than $100. This SUP rack system is lightweight since it is made from aluminum and each arm of the rack is spaced nine inches apart to ensure you can easily slide your board in and out without touching the rails. Additionally, the aluminum won’t corrode or rust so you should be able to use it outdoors.

The trouble is, there is a weak point in the aluminum rods due to the construction which means heavy SUPs may fall off the rack. This has apparently happened to customers and the result was a damaged SUP. This is a real shame because it has a fantastic design and would be ideal for boarders with multiple SUPs. Alas, we can’t recommend a product that may be faulty in its design so we would advise you to look elsewhere.


Treat your board with the respect it deserves by investing in an SUP wall rack. It will keep your board safe and also ensures it doesn’t take up too much space. Enjoy your boarding habit without complaints thanks to the innovation that is the SUP wall rack!