Best Tandem Fishing Kayak

Here’s the deal
Not all kayaks are created equally, and not every kayak will work for you. We all have unique needs and habits that need to be catered to on the waters. For beginners and seasoned anglers alike, choosing the best tandem fishing kayak can seem like a daunting task. This is where we come in! We’ve made a list! A pretty curated list that is, that’s going to help guide you into investing in the best and most popular kayak on the market today…


#1 Tandem Fishing Kayak

2015 Hobie Mirage Oasis (Ivory Dune)Plastic Shell25:5 Stars$$$$$
Lifetime Sport Fisher KayakPlastic Shell2-35:5 Stars$$$
Coleman Colorado ™ 2-Person Fishing KayakInflatable PVC25:5 Stars$$$

Tandem kayaks are also called the divorce kayaks…one person slips up and both of you end up in the water! There are some cons to tandem fishing kayaks that you’ll need to consider

They are heavy
And we mean REALLY heavy, often weighing in at 100 pounds or more, which makes them hard to transport and store, and also requires the weight to be compensated to balance them in the water and make them easy to maneuver. The weight is also the very cause for the next two points which are…

Where are you going to store it?
Tandem kayaks are longer than solo kayaks, so finding an adequate storage space might turn out to be a real headache.

How are you going to transport it?
Okay so by now you know that they are longer and heavier than solo kayaks, which make them hard to store, but it also makes them harder to get to where you need to go. Not only will you have a hard time

We get it-the choices seem bewildering to say the least, and the amount of info out there just seems abundant, but here’s the essentials you need to know…

Designed to let two people enjoy the open fishing waters together, tandem fishing kayaks are a great way to add social time to your fishing expeditions. Most tandem fishing kayaks are available in stock versions (unrigged) and angler versions (rigged). For fishing purposes, you’d be better off with a rigged version, eliminating the issue of having to set up everything manually before you head out to the waters.

Here’s what to Consider

Length vs width & speed vs stability
Shorter kayaks are usually slower than longer kayaks and the wider versions offer more stability than the narrower versions. Depending on your specific needs, you’ll have to determine what length and stability you’ll need.

The Design
Are you looking at investing in a sit-on-top or a sit-in kayak? The sit-on-top versions are actually the best choice for angling simply because they’re easy to get in and out of and also accessorize. Sit-in kayaks (cockpit style) are great because they keep the water away from your body, which might be a preferable choice whenever there’s going to be really cold water or extremely wet conditions involved.

Do you want to paddle it out?
Okay, so kayaking is basically all about using a paddle to get to where you want to be, but there are trolling motors that can be installed onto the kayak. We’d say that pretty much defeats the whole idea of kayak fishing though…

That’s about the business end of this article, and now it’s time to get down to what exactly the best tandem fishing kayaks look like! 

The Hobie Mirage Oasis Kayak

The Hobie Mirage Oasis KayakIf speed is what you need, then you’re going to love the Hobie Mirage Oasis Kayak. This sit-on-top kayak is probably one of the best tandem kayaks on the market today.

This speedy kayak measures in at 14.5 feet, making the long, narrow and lightweight kayak truly one of a kind that delivers outstanding speed and stability with its super high construction.

We really love the fact that this kayak also comes with a peddle system. It makes the kayak super-fast, it’s easy to peddle and even easier to install and remove. The peddle system is so good; you just might find yourself not using the paddles at all.

On an even better note…this kayak can even be used for sailing because it comes with a sail mount.

If we had to dig for a drawback on this kayak, the only possible problem might be the landing and beaching of the kayak. That’s because it needs to be taken out before landing on sand.

Paddle it, peddle it, sail it and fish from it – heck, you can even live on this kayak – it’s just THAT good


Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

Lifetime Sport Fisher KayakIf you need a reliable and sturdy kayak, the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak might just be your thing. It provides exceptional balance, making standing up in the kayak without tipping over or causing balance problems very easy. This is a big deal for those of us who are…horizontally challenged!

We love the sheer comfortability of this kayak, and the massive amount of space inside makes it possible to even fit three people inside it with ease.

Because it’s such a balanced kayak, it virtually allows for any style of fishing you can imagine. There’s also a “dry” storage compartment on board, which is great to keep you not-so-water-friendly things neat and dry while you’re out on the open waters.

Okay, so it’s probably not all blue skies, it is after all a man-made thing, which means that it’s going to have some shortages. We would have loved if the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak had a rudder. Without the presence of the rudder, it creates some tracking issues. That’s not a serious problem for us though, because it’s just something that you’ll grow accustomed to.

Overall, this kayak offers you everything you need from a tandem fishing kayak in its price range.

Its feature packed and offers you unsurpassed stability while you’re out on the water, making it a leader in its class when compared to other kayaks.


Coleman Colorado ™ 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Coleman Colorado ™ 2-Person Fishing KayakIf you’re all for inflatables but still want the tandem fishing kayak experience, the Coleman Colorado is the best pick for you!

It has an 18-gauage PVC, thick tarpaulin bottom and a seriously tough nylon cover, making this durable enough to handle just about any fishing expedition.

What’s great is the fact that it has multiple air chambers that help you get back to shore in case of emergency.

It also comes with adjustable seats, making it a comfortable paddling experience throughout use. You can always opt for the Sevylor trolling motor if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of paddling the kayak by hand.

The only downside to this kayak (and it’s not even about the kayak itself) would be the fact that you really do need the right air pump to help you quickly and effortlessly inflate it to the right PSI.

With a 1 year warranty and serious durability, this is the perfect grab-and-go tandem fishing kayak.

With an 85%  5 star customer satisfaction rating on amazon, the customers who have used this great inflatable are clearly more than happy with their purchase, giving you the reassurance you need that you’re investing in the right tandem fishing kayak.


Here are some attributes to be considered in all models:

  • Durability – a kayak that can’t float kind of defeats the object, so the first and most important priority should be to invest in great quality materials used for construction of the kayak. It’s all in the warranties, multi-layered materials and abrasion pads.
  • Comfortability – Make sure your kayak doesn’t have awkward seating positions and that the seats are properly cushioned for optimal comfort.
  • Weight Support – you should be hearing alarm bells and seeing red flags go up immediately whenever a tandem fishing kayak doesn’t at least support a weight of between 400 and 500 pounds!