Bic Paddle Boards


BIC, yes BIC the pen & lighter manufacturer, makes a terrific paddle board. They have a wide range of products for every possible type of SUP’ing. Each line has a unique purpose, and as you might expect each comes in several sizes.

BoardTypeLengthiSUP/Solid?PriceOverall Rating
ACE TECAll Around10'6"Solid$$$
DURA TECAll-Around10'4"Solid$$
SUP AIRAll-Around10"iSUP$$
Tower Adventurer 9'10"All-Around9'10"iSUP$$

The Products – Bic Paddle Board Reviews


An all-around board designed for flat water, lighting surf,windsurfing and casual touring. BIC’s most popular line. They range from 9’6″ to 12’6″ the 12″6′ ACE-TEC is currently one my favourite boards.


BIC’s surf line. Overall, tis line is a little bit chunky, I much prefer the Naish Hokua for a longer surf SUP. The smallest length they offer is 9’0″ which isn’t quite small enough to give quality surfers the ability to carve.


Ready to cruise? The RACE-TEC line is BIC’s racing line, these can be used for fitness/touring paddling as well but these were designed throw down in competition.


The Dura-tec line is BIC’s answer to the increasingly competitive paddle board market. With major players like tower, shipping inflatables at discounted prices BIC rolled out the DURA-TEC, a solid board constructions under a $1000.


Speaking of inflatables, this their inflatable line. Because of the price point, this line isn’t as attractive as other all-around inflatable products. The 12 footer remains one of my top choices for ySUP.

Review of the ACE-TEC Classic

Their most popular line is the ACE-TEC which is generally an all-around board, but a few models are stretched out for touring and others have been shortened to mix in a little light wave riding.  The ACE-TEC Classic is the most popular style of BIC SUP and for good reasons.

Available Sizes | Maximum Recommended Weight

9’6″ | 150lbs

10’6″ | 200lbs

11’6″ | 240lbs

It’s important to mention that these are just recommendations, for example the 9’6″ board can handle more then 150lbs. I wouldn’t push it up for 200lbs but if you’re 175 lbs or less the 9’6″ will hold your weight.

The shorter 9’6″ ACE-TEC handles pretty well in waves. On the other end of the spectrum the 11’6″ version is a pretty solid touring board.

Generally, solid construction boards are considerably more expensive which is why the ACE-TEC is all the more impressive, they’ve kept the cost to $1000. The larger 11’6″ is also a solid product for those who’re just looking to get into SUPing, as it’s pretty stable.

The ACE-TEC Wind, may be the best stand up paddle board for wind boarding on the market. There aren’t a lot of options and in my experience, this one sits atop of that list.

Review of the DURA-TEC Line

The DURA-TEC is the second most popular line behind the ACE-TEC. It’s not as flexible in terms of what you can and can’t do with it.

The DURA-TEC is best suited for flat-water cruising. If you want a board that can do a little bit more, spend the extra money and go for the ACE-TEC.

Personally, if I was looking for a board that was an all-arounder and wasn’t looking to spend a lot of money I wouldn’t buy the DURA-TEC. Inflatable paddle boards are cheaper and they’re terrific for casual cruising.

I do like the 9’10” because at just 9’10” it carries a ton of weight. If you’re shorter and are 200+ lbs you may want to opt for the 9’10” DURA-TEC

That said, if for whatever reason you’re dead set on a solid construction board for a casual Sunday paddle this is going to be your go-to.

Available Sizes | Maximum Recommended Weight

9’4″ | 135lbs

9’10” | 200lbs

10’4″ | 185lbs

11’4″ | 210lbs




I  don’t recommend either the C-TEC. And I would only recommend the SUP Air to someone wanting a board for ySUP (yoga).

The SUP AIR is slightly overpriced. The big manufacturers are going to have a tough time competeting with the direct to seller, wholesalers like Tower Paddle Boards. iSUP’s are pretty cheap to manufacturer and Tower has exposed this.

Immediately you probably think, well what about quality. The truth is Tower Paddle Boards creates a quality product with the same style of stitching and the material is used is very similar. Inflatable SUP’s are durable devices (Tower boards come with a 2 year warranty) and the major issue people run into them is buoyancy. The buoyancy issue is solved by either blowing the iSUP to the correct PSI (most folks don’t because it’s hard to do this with a hand pump) or by purchasing an iSUP with more volume.

The C-TEC is an inferior surf product compared against the NAISH line or Star-Board’s products. NAISH has been creating killer surf boards for a long time. All of this know how has allowed them to create a killer surf SUP. Star-Board’s pocket rocket is pretty innovative in the sense that it is so small and can handle so much weight (180-190lbs). BIC’s products are somewhere in the middle, which isn’t a great spot to be.

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