Boardworks Stand Up Paddle Boards

Board Works SUP Reviews

With their great passion for all things water lifestyle related, it’s hard to deny the great impact that Boardworks Company has made in the SUP world. Not only does this California based company deliver some of the best Stand Up Paddleboards for beginners and seasoned paddlers alike, but they also put out some stunning surfboards and accessories.

What’s really great about their boards is the fact that they are super user-friendly and their innovative products makes time out on the water that much more enjoyable. They have been making waves since focusing much (if not most) of their attention specifically on SUP boards since 2007 and with their TEC construction (which by the way brings you unsurpassed strength to weight ratio) they could easily offer paddlers boards that were lighter and stronger.

It comes as no surprise that they are one of the world’s top SUP and surf companies in the world. They offer you a variety of board construction technologies – always ensuring that your board will fit your ability, the environment and obviously your budget.

Their different construction technologies include:

  • Carbon Innegra – Boards built with this construction are super-light and durable. The EPS core is machine cut and hand shaped and laminated.
  • US Custom Carbon – This construction is used for race SUP’s that need to be ultra-light and stiff. The board is sealed up with a mix of resin and micro-fibers to minimize resin saturation and the sand sealing coat results in greater speed, impact resistance and weight reduction.
  • Innegra Glass – This construction method produces a super durable board with great impact resistance. This board is great for use in environments where the board will regularly take a pounding.
  • TEC-V – Thermal Epoxy Compression Veneer means they apply both heat pressure combined with some of the finest epoxy resins to create a sandwich molded board which is light and super durable.
  • TEC – Thermal Epoxy Compression Much the same as the TEC-V but with the exclusion of the Veneer. These boards bring you awesome strength to weight ratio, great flex and rebound characteristics.
  • EPX-V – These boards have EPS cores that are wrapped in fiberglass and are laminated in bamboo veneer with awesome graphics on. The EPX-V and the EPX construction boards give you impeccable strength and durability at an affordable price.
  • SDK – This is Boardworks’ soft board, but built stronger and tougher than your average soft board

Now that you know a little more about the WAY their boards are constructed, here are our favorite picks from the SUP range available from Boardworks:

  • Sirena

This board has been called the BEST entry level SUP and has been praised for its ease of use and its durability. It’s user-friendly, aesthetically appealing, light and very stable. This board is best used in flatwater conditions and you should expect too much thickness or length from it, but instead expect to experience easy carrying, load and paddling.

  • Great Bear

This is probably one of the best tour and expedition SUP boards from the Boardworks range. Its original concept came from one of Boardworks’ other boards, the Raven, but this one is thinner through the hull and wide at the tail for that much needed stability. What’s really AMAZING about this board is that $20 of each sale contributes towards a charity for saving the Great Bear Rainforest.

  • Raven

The Raven is probably one of Boardworks’ most popular boards and the reasons aren’t very hard to understand. It was designed specifically for glide and stability in flat OR choppy water, so it’s really the all-round perfect board. It has a stunning bamboo veneer and some cool Native American inspired graphics to just give it that extra wicked effect.

  • Joy Ride

This is where the Yoga lifestyle gets to properly meet the waterways. This board has a stable platform with some great graceful glide characteristics. It’s beautiful bamboo deck and bottom with the stunning graphics just adds that extra touch of Zen to the board and the Yoga style pad on the board inspires you to get your calm on on the water.

With some of the most innovative technologies being used, and the way they design their boards specifically for individuals and their specific needs just makes Boardworks and undeniably super force in the SUP industry. Whether you’re just starting out (and looking at models such as the Sirena) or you’ve been in the game for a while, Boardworks has something on offer for everyone. Even if you’re not shopping for a board per se, they have some of the coolest and most functional accessories on the market for SUP, as a matter of fact, for all things watersport related.