Keeper Sports’ California Board Company Stand up Paddle Board Review

CBC SUP Review

CBC SUP Review

Average Cost: $

Type of Board: All-Round Paddle Board

Construction: Solid

Size: 10 Feet (6 x 31 x 5.5)

Overall Rating:

4.5:5 Stars


New to Paddle Boarding?

Keeper Sports has an impressive paddle board package, and if you haven’t heard about the buzz yet, you’re missing out, big time!

What’s the deal?

Well, Keeper Sports owned, California Board Company has a SUP deal that happens to be one of the best quality cheap deals you’ll ever come across, which makes it perfect for beginners!

The board comes reinforced with three wooden stringers, which makes it sturdy and very durable.

Unlike a lot of other deals out there, California Board Company’s Stand-Up-Paddle-Board package actually includes a good-enough paddle and leash for your board.


First Impressions

Made from custom molded, laminated wood which is 100% waterproof, the California Board Company SUP is affordable and super-reliable. Since it has a dimension of 126 x 40 x 5 inches, this board qualifies as a great all-rounder. If you’re looking for an affordable, decent stand up paddle board, the CBC’s Stand up Paddle Board is a solid option.

Here’s what to keep in mind:

Look, if you’re paying $600 for a board, expect to get what you’re paying for. This is NOT a professional board, it’s a lower-end board made with beginners in mind, or that wider market segment that actually has a budget to stick to. The reason why it’s this affordable is because the board is made from high density EPS foam.

Is this an economically sound choice of board? Definitely!

Will it deliver exceptional results? Well that’s a whole different story. But it will give so many more paddlers (who would have never had the opportunity) a chance at getting out in the water and experiencing the sport for themselves.


California Board Company’s SUP sports a rail thickness of 5.5 inches, which is, as you know, average for a SUP. The thick rail and a 32 inch wide deck, you get good stability with this board. Although the top of the board doesn’t have a deck pad on, you can just add some deck pad to give you better footing and a little more comfort.

As far as maneuverability goes, the CBC SUP sports a single fin system with a large skeg on the back of the board, which is great for beginners and flat water paddling. We’re not going to recommend this for the more experienced paddlers since the one-fin system might not be your ideal of a sweet deal.


As we mentioned before, the Keeper Sport’s SUP is made from high density EPS foam. It’s a comfy board, but it’s definitely not as durable as a fiberglass board, or even an inflatable board for that matter. The top of the board damages easily if you don’t handle it with care, but for added durability and rigidity, the board does sport three wooden stringers.

More About The Company

Keeper Sports started up in 2008 by partners who shared a passion and a good number of years of experience in the SUP scene. Their CBC Classic Stand-Up Paddleboard happens to be their best-selling model, although they stock SUPs in a full line, ranging from 9’ to 12’ in length.

What We Love the CBC SUP

  • It’s a very affordable paddleboard
  • It’s durable
  • It weighs in at just 25 pounds
  • The package includes the board, a tri-fin, an adjustable paddle, an ankle leash, and a roof-rack system.
  • It’s a great board for beginners
  • It’s a very stable board

What Could Have Been Better

  • It’s not the fastest board out there
  • The deck doesn’t have an anti-slip skin

California Board Company SUP Final Thoughts

We really dig the Keeper Sport’s SUP as a beginner’s board since it’s priced very attractively and offers you just what you need to get into the groove of stand-up paddle-boarding. We’re not saying it’s a top-of-the-line board, but for those of you looking for an affordable way to hit the waters, it’s a great choice. As part of the deal you’ll also get a paddle and a roof-rack (which aren’t top of the line either, but will do what they’re made for). If you’re not ready to make a serious splash in a solid SUP, the California Board Company Stand-Up Paddleboard is the right choice for you!