CBC 10 x 6 Classic Foam Paddle Board SUP Review

The California Board Company, otherwise known as CBC, are the creators of the Ten Six, a classic foam paddle board with a timeless striped design. The CBC paddle board is 10’6 and constructed from a high-density EPS foam that’s perfect for providing stability and comfort.

This particular package comes with a brown and white striped board, a common and popular design that you’ll see on plenty of different decks. It also comes with some great accessories like a paddle, SUP leash, three fins, camera mount, a tail cap and even roof racks.

Type: Foam SUP
Suitable for: All-around
Rider Experience: Beginner
Length: 10’6″
Thickness: 5”

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Perfect for Beginners

california-board-company-10-6If you’re looking at a foam SUP, then it’s likely that you’re new to the sport. Not only are foam boards much cheaper and therefore ideal for beginners, but they’re also easier to control, more comfortable to stand on and more novice-friendly.

While the bottom of the board is constructed out of a smooth polyethylene which glides through the water, the top is a thick EPS foam that is exceptionally dense. This foam is soft and much more comfortable to stand and sit on than an epoxy.

Most beginners are looking for a board that is going to float and glides through the water, not much else. While foam boards are slower than more expensive epoxy SUP’s, they’re still much faster than most inflatables.

But the best part about foam boards is that they are incredibly resistant to damage, in fact, it’s practically impossible to damage a foam board. The CBC ten 6 paddle board has a dense EPS foam that absorbs the overwhelming majority of any impact, preventing severe damage.

This is because the foam will dent and scratch easily, but won’t take on any water. As you dent the surface foam, it compresses and forms an even denser protective layer around the core, making it extremely difficult to penetrate.

If you ever go to a rental shop, you’ll find that almost all of the surfboards and paddle boards that they rent will be foam. And if a board can handle daily use for years on end by amateurs, it’ll hold up to whatever punishment you can give it.

Being made out of this cheaper foam material rather than expensive epoxy resin, the boards are priced much more reasonably. This opens up the sport of paddle boarding to a broader demographic, and the CBC TenSix fits that group perfectly.

Maneuverability and Stability

This CBC standup paddleboard is more of an all-around board because it only features a single fin (despite what the Amazon listing suggests). Then, you might be shocked to see that the CBC SUP could be considered maneuverable.

In fact, because this board only weighs 25lbs it’s incredibly lightweight, and that makes the turning a breeze. With just a single fin you can’t turn as sharply as with a three-fin setup, but this board wouldn’t be ideal for waves or river use anyway.

Instead, this CBC paddle board is an excellent choice for flat waters like a small to a medium-sized lake where stability isn’t an issue. With a single finned board in flat conditions, the most significant impact on your maneuverability will be the weight of the board and how it glides through the water.

Being so lightweight it doesn’t take much force with the paddle for you to spin this board around and set off in a new direction. With a foam construction, it can handle up to 300lbs, and even with all that extra weight, you can still be quite nimble.

If you look purely at the dimensions of the board and forget about the fact that it’s made out of foam, you might be forgiven for thinking that it wouldn’t be particularly stable. After all, it’s 10’6” in length but only 5” thick and that’s not a tremendous amount of volume.

However, because of the foam exterior, this board takes on a little bit of water right on the surface, and that will help with buoyancy and stability. At 30” in width it’s also a relatively good width for beginners, making it far more difficult to tip.

Although this isn’t ideal for rough conditions, the extra stability makes it a good purchase for those who are looking to tour, exercise or even do paddle board yoga in the lake.

Top Features and Specifications

  • Camera Mount – With the rise in popularity of onboard cameras like the GoPro it’s more critical for SUP’s to come fitted with a camera mount. Record you and your family’s adventures on the water; you never know what you might capture!
  • Excellent Weight Capacity – For a SUP of this size it’s able to handle a significant amount of weight, up to 300lbs. Even larger inflatable paddle boards can often only hold up to 260lbs, making the CBC Ten Six an ideal choice for larger men and women.
  • Beginner Friendly – Being so resistant to damage and also being priced relatively cheap when compared to traditional epoxy boards, the CBC Ten Six is a great pick for those just joining the sport.
  • Maneuverable – Although this board only has a single fin it’s able to be still incredibly nimble because the board only weight 25lbs. This means that you only need to use the slightest amount of force to change the direction of the board, giving you more precise control over the SUP.
  • Stable – Despite being relatively thin and not overly long, the stability on this board is good. This is primarily because of the EPS foam which will slow the board slightly and absorb water near the surface. Not only that but at 30” in width the board is the optimal size for beginners who are practicing on flat water.
  • Excellent Accessories – California Board Company know their customers, and that’s why this package comes with everything that a beginner would need. As well as the board, you’ll also get a leash, roof racks, the camera mount and an extendable paddle, giving you everything that you need to get into the water.

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What Customers Are Saying

Looking through the reviews that previous customers have made it seems clear that the vast majority of purchasers are incredibly happy with the board that they received.

As you might expect, from reading the comments that they have left, most of the customers are beginners to the sport and have never owned a paddle board before.

These reviewers noted just to have stable the board is “even when the waves are a bit strong,” which is a definite surprise, given that the user is a beginner.

The only negative comment that was repeated by a few customers was that the foam dented when they strapped the board to the roof of their cars. In these cases, it’s likely that the reviewers were strapping it down too hard.

Even if the foam dents in this way, it shouldn’t have any impact on the performance of the board and just goes to show how the foam protects the board from serious damage. If you want to prevent this stressing of the foam, then you can lay a towel between the strap and the board.

Doing this will help to alleviate some of the pressure on the EPS foam and can prevent it from being compressed during transit.

Another positive comment that was repeated by multiple reviewers was just how light the board was. One noted that he had tried his neighbor’s board which was incredibly hard to pull out of the water, and was glad that the CBC Ten Six was so light.

Weighing in at an incredibly light 25lbs this board can be easily carried by even children and after a long session of paddling, you’ll be glad that it’s light enough to pull out of the lake.

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The Verdict

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced foam board that was designed from the ground-up to suit a beginner to the sport, the CBC Ten Six is as good a choice as any. With high quality materials and a gorgeous design, you can tell that the team at CBC value their work.

The board glides through the water incredibly quickly for an EPS foam SUP and is exceptionally resistant to any severe damage. Being slightly smaller than many paddle boards, this is a lightweight option that makes maneuvering a breeze.

The only thing that’s easier than maneuvering the board in the water is carrying it outside, at only 25lbs it’s light enough to walk all the way down to the shore.