Cheap Paddle Boards – Get On The Water For Less Than $700

Cheap Paddle Boards

If you are a newcomer to the world of SUP paddle boards, it is hard to justify paying $2,000+ for a new model. Even experienced paddlers are often keen to purchase lower cost SUPs but quality also has to come into the equation. The last thing you need is to pay several hundred dollars for a new SUP only to find it develops faults within a matter of weeks.

SUP BoardTypeLengthInflatable/Solid RatingPrice
Solstice Stand-Up PaddleboardAll-Around10' 8"Inflatable$
Tower AdventurerAll-Around10' 9"Inflatable$$
Pelican 106All-Around10' 6"Solid$

Therefore, you must try to combine quality with a low price tag and this isn’t easy. Fortunately, we have done your homework for you to find cheap paddle boards that are also of premium quality. The SUPs in the following list all cost less than $700 including shipping so you can enjoy paddling without breaking the bank!

Solstice Stand-Up Paddleboard 10’8”

[box] Key Specs: Length: 10’8″ | Width: 34.5″ | Max Capacity: 250lbs | Type: Inflatable[/box]

The Solstice really hits the mark when it comes to convenience and price. You can get it for around $460 including shipping and since it is inflatable, storing it is incredibly easy. No longer must you get frustrated when it comes to transporting fiberglass boards. Instead of having to store it in the garage and install a roof rack on your vehicle, you can just inflate and deflate as you see fit.

It is very easy to transport and is lightweight when deflated but when inflated it becomes rock hard and is extremely durable. Ideally, you should inflate the Solstice to 15psi to ensure it is solid. Failure to inflate properly means there will be a ‘bow’ in the middle so don’t take to the water until full inflation is achieved.

Are there downsides? Of course! For example, it doesn’t come with a paddle so that needs to be purchased separately but what do you expect for such an inexpensive board? You can actually purchase the SUP with a paddle for an extra $60 or so. Deflating the board can be difficult at first but this will get easier with practice. The Solstice comes with a pump, pressure gauge and its own carrying bag.

Overall, this is a great board for beginners or those looking for a super cheap SUP. This board was built for flat water paddling. As long as you avoid taking it out on choppy waters, the Solstice is one of the best low cost paddle boards on the market.

Tower Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable SUP

[box] Key Specs: Length: 9’10” | Width: 33″ | Max Capacity: 350lbs | Type: Inflatable[/box]

The Tower Adventurer actually retails at $1,150 in some places yet it can be purchased for as little as $700 online with FREE shipping. For this great price you get a durable, high quality SUP, a pump and a three-piece paddle. Amazon is one of the best places to purchase this SUP so be sure to check the site before looking anywhere else.

One of the best things about the Tower Adventurer is its sheer size. It can hold up to two people and has a weight limit of 350 pounds. This is a big plus if you enjoy some company when you go touring. Even more amazing is the fact the Tower Adventurer is so small and easy to store when deflated and rolled up.

While you can inflate the SUP to 15psi, it is actually ready to use once it reaches 10psi. When it is fully inflated, the Tower Adventurer is six inches thick and since it is made with military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction, it is as durable as it is large. When you’re ready to store the SUP, you’ll be astonished to learn it is just 33 inches wide and 12 inches in diameter when rolled up.

One of the downsides is the pump is operated by hand so it takes a lot of effort to get the SUP fully inflated. Of course, you could purchase an automatic pump and solve that problem straight away. Deflating the Tower Adventurer doesn’t take that long either. The paddle that comes as part of the package is a 3-piece adjustable aluminum number but if you drop it in the water, it will sink!

Finally, there is a two-year warranty in place that covers everything beyond general wear and tear. The thing is Tower makes high quality SUPs so it’s unlikely you’ll have a problem within the first 24 months of use. If you’re a rank beginner, be sure to use the handy manual to get the best out of your SUP!

Pelican Flow 106X Stand Up Paddleboard

[box] Key Specs: Length: 10’6″ | Width: 32″ | Max Capacity: 230lbs | Type: Solid [/box]

This 10’6” inch SUP from Pelican can be yours for quite cheap! There are several manufacturers who sell the Pelican 106X for a wide range of prices.

It is made from twin sheet thermoformed RAM-X and is extremely durable despite its modest price tag. No matter what level of rider you are, you can expect amazing stability when coasting along on the Flow 106X.

It has a host of features best associated with SUPs that are double the price. These features include four carrying handles and center grab handle, smaller fin size for easier paddling in shallow water, bottom grooves for improved tracking, anti-slip padded deck and a flexible rubber fin that won’t break when exposed to rocks or other hard surfaces.

The Flow 106X has a rather bland design but that’s only because Pelican were more interested in functionality than style. This SUP is made from the same kind of material used to create kayaks and we love the extra handles as they make it so easy to transport the 48 pound board.

The soft foam decking is also a welcome feature since it is very comfortable and slip resistant. This is good news if you plan on spending hours standing and paddling!

Though beginners may actually fall a couple of times at the start, the Flow 106X is generally very stable and once you become more accustomed to paddling, even moderately choppy waters will not be too big of a deal. Its stability is aided by the fact it’s a fairly large board at 10’6” long and 32 inches wide.

Overall, the Pelican Flow 106X is a great SUP paddle board for paddlers of all skill levels. It is stable, functional and easy to transport. It is also a relatively low cost investment and substantially cheaper than many SUPs in its class.

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