FCS Board Bag

I knew I needed a board bag the day I woke up and nearly ended my dog’s life. I was waking up slow on a Saturday, intending to hit the waves as soon as I was awake enough, when I heard a strange banging sound. I walk into the living room only to find my dog playing tug-of-war with my leash…with my board attached. The whole beautiful board was covered in dings and scratches.

I will never make that mistake again. Think about it—you pay $500-$1,000 for your board. It’s not cool to leave it naked to the elements (or the stupidity of your dog.) I found that the FCS board bags offered the protection that my precious board needed.

Our Favorite FCS Board Bag

Things to Consider When Buying a Board Bag

You probably realize how easy it is to accidentally bang up your board a little in transit from your house to the waves. A board bag obviously protects against that, but there are more dangers to consider before buying a bag.

UV rays from the sun don’t just discolor your board (though they’ll do that too). If your board is left in the sun for any extended period of time, even if it’s just for the drive from your house to the ocean, delamination can begin. This bubbly, bumpy texture appears on your board and only means bad things!

When you’re buying a board bag, you want to keep it simple. You need something that’s durable, comfortable, flexible and most of all protective. You’ll want to consider:

  • Thickness of padding
  • Durability of stitching
  • Size and shape
  • Fin protection and fit
  • Comfort (shoulder strap, storage pockets etc.)

FCS Board Bags

FCS Board BigFCS board bags are some of the highest quality you’ll find. They’re not flimsy like most surfboard socks are, but they are still relatively lightweight. FCS board bags have 5mm of high density padding to protect your board during day-to-day use. The bag is designed to have a contoured stretchy fit that will form to the individual shape of your board. You can easily stretch this bag over your fins, no problem. FCS makes their board bags seamless and double padded with the proper ventilation so there are no weak spots, and it’s comfortable to carry on your shoulder. Also, the zippers are constructed to be noncorrosive, which is key for a board bag that’s going to come in contact with salt water.


  • Durable
  • Smart and easy fit
  • Quality protection


  • No pockets
  • No wheels
  • Not travel worthy

Durability and Strength

FCS bag boards are equipped to handle everyday damage. If you’re heading from home to the beach frequently, this bag will protect your board for dings, scratches, sun damage and it will protect your ride from the sand and wax of your board. The zipper is seriously durable and won’t be breaking anytime soon. They designed the bag without seams so that it offers full rail protection all the way around your board.

Comfort and Convenience

The padded shoulder strap makes it easy and comfortable for you to carry your board a long distance. This board bag doesn’t have any pockets (unfortunately) but it’s easy fit design makes up for it. This bag is simply designed to contour and hug your board so you’re not going to have to deal with a loose and awkward fit. I found it to be a good balance between heft and convenience. It has enough padding to protect your board, but it isn’t so heavy that it’s annoying. I wouldn’t use this bag to travel though. In the cargo-hold of a plane, your board needs more protection than this.

Alternative Options

Board BagRatingPrice
DaKine Daylight Thruster Board Bag$
Pro-Lite Session Fish Hybrid/Day Bag$$
Mermaiddress Board Sock$$

DaKine Daylight Thruster Board Bag

DaKine Daylight Thruster Board BagIf not having a pocket is a deal breaker for you, then consider the DaKine Daylight instead of any FCS bags. DaKine is a daybag, like the FCS bags, meaning it has more padding than a sock, but less padding than a full travel protector. The DaKine Daylight is semi versatile, but it won’t fit as many boards as the FCS design. It has the comfortable shoulder strap that you need for easy travel, and it’s water/wax resistant! The zipper is durable and overall this board bag will provide good day-to-day protection.



Pro-Lite Session Fish Hybrid/Day Bag

Pro-Lite Session Fish Hybrid/Day BagThe Pro-Lite is a pretty wide day bag, so it will fit most boards, although you might be get the form fitting hug of the FCS design. It has an expandable end to accommodate different fin styles. This bag is super light and semi-heat resistant. It has a top zipper so you can easily slip your board in and the shoulder pad is decently comfortable. It has an external pocket to hold your keys or wax. If you’re really concerned with the weight of your board bag, this bag would be a good choice for you.


Mermaiddress Board Sock

Mermaiddress Board SockIf you are tuned off by the bulkiness of a day bag, a board sock might be all you need. The Mermaiddress board bag is handmade and has some of the coolest design options available. It doesn’t have the thick padding that a day bag would, but you’ll still get basic protection for minor scratches and dings and it will keep the sun off your board when you’re in transit. It has an easy draw string close with a long slit to accommodate different fins. If you’re interested in support local artisans, instead of big manufacturers consider buying the Mermaiddress board bag.


If you love your board as much as I do (and if you surf, I’m assuming you do), make sure you’re protecting it. FCS board bags have all the protective elements you need, plus the quality and durability to last. It’s a small investment to make when considering how important and expensive your board is. Check out the FCS board bags and see if they’re the right fit for you and your board.