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When you’re out on the water and need a good quality SUP that will leave you wanting more, you need to be sure that the board you choose has been shaped by someone who really knows what he’s doing.  Enter the trusted and reputable, age old, Gerry Lopez.

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There’s something quite magical about getting on a quality Stand Up Paddleboard that bears the name of the legendary Gerry Lopez. “Mr. Pipeline” as Lopez has been called after his great achievements in 1972 and 1973 at the Pipeline Masters, adds that special touch to his boards that always comes with a stamp of quality and durability.

He is a well-known icon in both the surfing and shaping departments and his years of experience has made him famous for some of the most precise and smoothly shaped boards on the market today. Gerry was after all the one who shaped Laird Hamilton’s SUP back in 1968, when he was still the only one trying out the new craze.  He always aims to improve the quality of his boards and still continues to surf and keep up with the times in order to ensure he’s always on top of market demands.

In our personal opinion, there are 4 of Gerry Lopez’s boards that you absolutely have to know about. They are all great masterpieces and each of them offers an intense and great SUPing experience. What you should know about Gerry Lopez boards is that he has designed his boards by assuming you already know the basics of keeping your balance and paddling.

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8’11” Gerry Lopez Lil Darling

41IOHNouIZLComing in at just under 9 feet this “Lil Darling” is set change the way you look at SUPing. The board is 28 ½ “wide and about 4” thick. Constructed in the Surftech Tufflite, this board may be a little on the heavy side, but gives you a sturdy and solid product. It comes in between the short board and the long board sizes, with a pulled nose (as opposed to regular long boards) and a smaller volume than that of a short board. The extra length nose also ensures that you can nose ride on this board.

The weight of the board however ensures that you can really push through the waves and top turns safely. This board really makes pulling of tricky maneuvers seem like no work at all and leaves you knowing that whatever you try and push through, the board will keep the line you choose. This board is perfect for those who recently started SUPing and want to make a great investment in an excellent board.

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10’6” Gerry Lopez Big Darling

big darlingThis board is designed for those who already have flat water SUPing down to a T and knows what it takes to stay balanced and has paddling skills. With a thickness of 4.25” it delivers a stable and reliable board that won’t buckle under pressure. Utilizing a single and double concave on the bottom of the board really gives this Big Darling lift and speed when you need it most.

You’ll be able to reach the right speed in time to catch a big wave without much trouble. The quad fins on this board react perfectly to your surfing style and ensures you get maximum satisfaction from your session. This board is a SUP performance machine and is recommended for those more experienced SUPers that want to maximize their paddling experience. It’s a great investment and with such and experienced SUP craftsman behind the design, you really can’t go wrong.

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12’6” Gerry Lopez Manu-Kai Race


race boardSo this board was especially designed by Mr. Pipeline for the Battle of the Paddle Elite race. You would be happy to know that it obviously features design elements that can handle a lot of use and always delivers the best performance.

What you can expect from the wider nose and full displacement bow from this SUP is a top performing board that operates effortlessly in downwind and race conditions. The displacement hull ensures you won’t be using massive amounts of effort to navigate through the water. This in turn means you won’t be killing your arms just to build up some speed. If you’re looking for a SUP that will really have you speeding through the water then this is it! The design off course is flawless and it’s any SUP racer’s dream come true!

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10’0” Gerry Lopez Surf Music

musicThis board was specifically designed with serious wave riding in mind. It’s mid-way between flat water paddling boards and a surfing board. Again, Gerry Lopez assumes that when you’re using this board you already have it down when it comes to paddling and now want to give your actual surfing the much needed attention it deserves.

The bottom of the board has a single-to-double concave which gives you lift and speed and gives you the element of going fast without too much hassle. The concave bottom further adds balance and stability and with the gentle rocker you’ll be sure that you can use tis board for both pushing through tough waves and flat water SUPing.  What really makes this board stand out is the fact that it gives long surfers and those on the heavier side the opportunity to use a shorter board instead of having to use an 11 foot long beast of a board. It’s a great mid-way board for all classes of SUPers and can be one of the best investments to make for your paddling needs.

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We’ve provided you with some of the best Gerry Lopez boards on the market and with this info you should be able to make an informed and solid decision on what board you will be investing in. When choosing to invest in a Gerry Lopez board you can rest assured that you’ll be buying a board made by the guy who gave flight to the idea of SUPing, or at least gave Laird Hamilton (the world’s first SUPer) the tools and means to make a massive success from his idea and inevitably make it a cool sport.

Gerry Lopez boards all have a distinctive functional design that’s sure to make your experience that much more memorable. Whether you are a novice just starting out the SUPing game or you are a pro who has been at it for a good few years, the Gerry Lopez range of boards has something for you.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I decided to order the 12’6” Gerry Lopez Manu-Kai Race
    from Surftech site unseen or used. They have quite a good price for the board, paddle, case and leash. I have found in all the sports in which I participate there is always another brand or model to try. If you buy high quality products they always perform and each product has its quirks.

  2. The board is extremely well made and floats high in the water. It is very easily maneuverable and of a very high quality. I wish it was made in a 14″ because I a m 6’2″ and weigh 185. It rides fast you just have to get used to how high it sits in the water. I am not disappointed at all. Sorry for the delay in commenting dwthompson. New season finally starting with the end of the cold weather

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