Health Benefits of SUP

Stand-Up Paddleboarding isn’t just another recreational activity; it may be one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Find out why by reading this post…

With each year that passes, stand up paddleboarding is becoming more and more popular, and more folks are beginning to reap the amazing health benefits of SUP.

Not only does stand up paddleboarding give you the opportunity to enjoy the waves (when they’re not exactly ideal for surfing), but it also gives you the opportunity to get in a good workout while you’re having fun.

In this post, we’ll be giving you the lowdown on all the great health and fitness benefits that stand up paddleboarding brings to the table.


Health Benefits of SUP

1. You’ll Get a Full-Body Workout

Stand up paddle boarding ensures that paddlers reap the benefits of a full-body workout. Paddlers need to learn to balance (which strengthens and trains core muscles) and depending on their chosen paddling spot, the workout may be vigorous or moderately-paced. This is a recreational sport which requires muscle groups such as the legs, abdomen, arms, chest, and back to work together in order to be as efficient as possible in the water.

2. You’ll Tighten and Tone Your Core

SUP is kind of synonymous with a rocking core workout. Since SUP mainly focuses on the paddler having an ideal balance, your core will be constantly engaged while tackling the waters. You’ll feel how the paddling works your core back and ab muscles, all with the aim of maintaining perfect balance.

2. It’s Kind to Your Body

Because SUP is a low-impact workout, it’s not something that will put a lot of strain on (or even damage) your joint tendons and ligaments. SUP is a great sport for folks that don’t want to run the risk of injuring themselves during a workout, something which cannot be said for a sport such as a weightlifting routine, for instance.

4. Your General Fitness Level Will Increase

Once you start actively participating in SUP, you’ll notice the dramatic and obvious improvement of your overall fitness. Much like cross-training, stand up paddle boarding engages almost all of the muscles in your body (total body workout) and if you do it regularly, you’ll become much fitter than you were before initially testing out the waters.

5. Your Overall Health Will Improve

SUP is well known for its ability to boost its participants’ cardiovascular health and fitness. This, in turn, may also help lower your risk of having a heart attack or a stroke. You may also burn more calories, which can help you lose unwanted weight. With the weight, loss factor comes numerous other benefits such as a decreased risk of contracting diabetes and developing joint problems.

6. It May Reduce Your Stress Levels

When humans spend their free time relaxing in the water, it has amazing health benefits for them. SUP may help you clear your mind and destress your body, effectively helping you manage your stress levels better.

7. SUP Will Help You Build Endurance

Paddling and ensuring that you maintain balance throughout the SUP process will eventually help raise your endurance levels. Newbies, those who are still falling off and having to swim back to their boards, may find that the increased fitness challenge also helps build their levels of endurance and stamina. Before long, stand up paddleboarding will be the number one factor driving your full body endurance levels.

8. Paddling Your Board Will Boost Vitamin D Levels

We all know that a little safe sun exposure is great for our body’s need of vitamin D. Not only will SUP provide you with the opportunity of getting your fix of vitamin Sunshine, but it will also help you reconnect with nature. When taken as a whole, the experience will help boost mental health as well as your emotional wellbeing.

9. it’s a Great Sport When You’re Recovering

Athletes who are down and out rehabilitating their muscles from old injuries can participate in stand up paddleboarding. The reason for this is because SUP doesn’t put a lot of strain on your muscles, so it won’t further the damage because it’s so gentle on your muscles.

10. You Don’t Have to Be a Spring Chicken

Most sports are only suitable more middle-aged folks, but not stand up paddle boarding. Depending on the water conditions you’re tackling, your paddling may be calm and cool, or intense and strenuous. Extreme sports fanatics, as well as senior citizens, can enjoy all the benefits that SUP brings to the table.

11. It’s Awesome for Yoga

Yoga already has a range of health and emotional benefits, and coupling it with stand up paddle boarding can make those benefits go through the sky. It’s arguably one of the best workouts which focus on both balance and core strength. You can do some research to determine which styles of yoga are suitable for practicing on a paddle board, but something as simple as the downward dog asana will help you build core strength and improve your balance.



Need Proof?

We’ve gathered some fact-based evidence, showcasing just how beneficial stand-up paddle boarding can be to those who take it seriously.

  • This study was done to help determine whether or not the connection between salt water and a paddle boarder may actually help reduce stress levels.
  • Another study shows just how beneficial the sport of stand up paddle boarding is for the good health of people.
  • A Bond University study shows how the sport of stand up paddle boarding increases physical fitness as well as endurance levels.


Final Thoughts

We hope that this post has helped you realize that the art of stand up paddle boarding has an impact far beyond just improving your fitness levels. Your whole body will be able to reap the beneficial rewards that this sport has to offer, plus it’s also great for your mind.

Keep your wits about you friends, just a little bit of stand up paddle boarding may get you hooked for life! Now that you’ve seen the proof, what’s stopping you from trying the coolest, most relaxing, and most mindful water-sport out there?