Isle Soft Top SUP Review

Isle Soft Top SUP Overview


Price: $

Type of Board: Flat-Water Paddle Board (Soft Top)

Construction: EPS

Size: 10 Feet (6 x 31 x 5.)

4.5:5 Stars


Here’s the deal:

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to hang out on a soft top SUP that performs as though it had been crafted entirely out of fiberglass. So when the opportunity presents itself, casual paddlers and pros alike might just feel pumped to grab it and give it a go.

We’re talking about an Isle SUP, more specifically the Isle Soft Top Stand-Up-Paddle-Board.

The Features


Made from durable foam, the Isle Soft Top SUP sports 100% EPS – the stuff that most professional stand-up boards are made from – which makes it as durable as any other SUP. Aside from the quality construction, this board also comes with wood triple stringers, making it even more rugged and durable; ultimately giving it reduced flex when you’re traveling through the water. Oh and if you’re wondering, this board is great for surfing small waves at the local spot.


The Isle Soft Top SUP has a deck that’s made from high density IXPE/XPE, and it comes with a non-slip skin which means you don’t have to use a deck pad. We’ll admit that the deck has a tendency to get imprints, even more so if you’re using a roof rack to transport it, so if you’re being careful during transporting your board and also while you’re getting it into and out of the water, you’d easily be able to avoid that issue.


The board’s bottom is made from high density polyethylene, so it’s able to withstand dings that can be caused while you’re gliding over rocks. On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to get a lot of that action in any case, not with the soft top. Actually you don’t want to do that with any stand up paddle board at all. 

The Specs

Weighing in at roughly 28 pounds, the Isle Soft Top SUP won’t break your back when you’re carrying it out to the water. Lengthwise, the board measures in at 10 feet and 8 inches (it comes available in a 9’6 too) and has a 31 inch wide profile. Its 5 inches thick and overall performs top notch out on the waters.

The Isle SUP has the ability to support up to 275 pounds, which is quite a lot, considering that it’s made from foam.

On that note, we feel like we need to mention the issue regarding the rails and foam deck. They kind of scuff easily if you’re careless when entering and exiting the water, but as long as you’re keeping that in mind, your board should be just fine, and so should your nerves!

The Package

Isle’s Soft Top SUP comes complete as a nifty little package which includes an aluminum adjustable paddle and a removable center fin. The paddle has a built-in paddle guard that’ll stop you from unintentionally hurting your board, and it’s also a buoyant paddle, which means it won’t sink if you accidentally drop it in the water.

As part of the package you’ll also get a carry handle and leash for your board, which can be strapped to your leg. We kind of wish that the board came with bungee mounts, which would have made it easy to attach something to the deck.

What We Love About the ISLE SUP

  • It’s a tough and durable board
  • It’s very light and easy to transport
  • You get a complete package with your board, no need to buy add-ons
  • It’s a deal that’s excellent value for money
  • It’s a safe and secure board that’ll accommodate paddlers up to 275 pounds
  • The non-slip surface is an added bonus

What Could Have Been Better

  • The deck doesn’t come with mounts to attach your accessories to
  • The board is prone to indentations if you don’t take care while you’re transporting it
  • This board is only intended for small waves and flat water paddling
  • The paddle isn’t top-quality

More About the Brand

Isle Surf & SUP started back in 2004, when its founders, Doug Pate and Marc Miller decided to start their own SUP brand which brings high quality and excellent customer service to the table.

Isle Soft Top SUP – Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great beginner all-rounder board that’ll master flat water paddling and small waves, look no further than the Isle Soft Top SUP. Since it’s such a lightweight board, it’ll never be a burden to transport, no matter how secluded the spot, and since it’s so durable, it’s a board that caters to novices and the experienced paddlers alike.

We recommend the Isle Soft Top Paddle Board as a very practical choice for paddlers across all experience levels. The wooden design won’t only make an eye catching statement (not to mention the fact that you’ll paddle in style), but it also ensures a smooth ride of those flat water surfaces!