Keeper Stand Up Paddle Board Review: An Inexpensive Solid Construction Board

SUP BoardTypeLengthInflatable/Solid RatingPrice
Keeper 10'6"All-Around10'6"Solid$
Solstice Stand-Up PaddleboardAll-Around10' 8"Inflatable$
Tower AdventurerAll-Around10' 9"Inflatable$$
Pelican 106All-Around10' 6"Solid$

*Comparison Chart: Beginner Paddle Boards

Keeper Sports Stand Up Paddleboard 10’6”

Keeper Sports was founded in 2008 by partners with decades of experience in the manufacturing and wholesale sporting goods space.

Their best selling board is the 10’6” Classic Stand Up Paddleboard but they do carry a full line up of boards ranging from 9′ in length all the way up to 12′.

Keeper SUP – 10’6 Classic

The Keeper Sports SUP is the cheapest way for new paddle boarders to get on the water. It’s made from high-density EPS (expanded polystyrene foam). There are also a trio of wood stringers (naturally waterproof) contained within the foam core and this greatly enhances the durability of the board.

This 10’6” SUP is 31 inches wide but weighs just 25 pounds so it isn’t too heavy to be carrying around. The entire package contains:

  • The board
  • Tri-fin setup to help you track through the water
  • An adjustable paddle with blade guard
  • An ankle leash
  • A convenient roof racking system which makes it easy to secure the SUP to your vehicle

Here is a quick bullet point list of some of the features:

  • High Density EPS
  • Waterproof Core
  • HD Polyethylene Slick Bottom
  • 3 Laminated Wood Stringers
  • Tri-Fin System

At just $499 Keeper Sports has created a SUP package that makes paddling super accessible even for those on a budget or just getting involved with the sport. Every year they continue to further their classic model (such as adding a PVC cap to protect the tail and changing the single fin to tri-fin), while continually expanding their lineup of SUPs.


This paddle board is designed with a tri-fin system. This makes it a solid choice for beginners and intermediates alike. The quality of the paddle is comparable to some of the entry level paddles on the market, which is a steal considering it’s included at just $499. If you want a high quality paddle, expect to pay an extra $120 or more.

I noticed several of their high end models come equipped with a carbon fiber paddle.

The rail thickness is 5.5 inches which is fairly standard for SUPs. This relative thickness coupled with the 31 inch width of the board explains the stability one feels when on calm water.

One big downside is the lack of a deck pad on the board; your feet will be on EPS foam so if you find this uncomfortable, it will be necessary to purchase a deck pad for extra padding.

Of course, this isn’t the only board without a deck pad and it’s not as though adding a deck pad is a difficult task.

The EPS foam does feel relatively comfortable beneath your feet and if you fall on it you will have a soft landing.


It’s hard to find too many drawbacks. We’re not expecting world class speed, but to be fair if you’re purchasing this board you’re likely just looking to get on the water.


This board provides an extremely inexpensive way to get involved with the sport of paddle boarding. It contains everything you need to transport the device to and from the water, a paddle, a leash and of course the actual SUP itself.

Ultimately, the casual paddle board enthusiast doesn’t need a $1200 board to cruise around. It also makes a terrific secondary board if you have friends or family who want to join you. After all paddling with friends is a heck of a lot more enjoyable then riding solo.

Again, at just five hundred bucks you’re not going to find a full setup for less than that.

While the Keeper Sports Stand Up Paddleboard is a long way from being top of the line, it provides great value.

You should consider the Keeper Sports SUP if you are on a tight budget but want to get on the water.

In terms of inexpensive, sold construction boards this board is far easier to manage then a heavier model such as the Pelican Flow 106 which is the same price.

Alternatively you could go for either the Solstice or the Tower Adventurer which are both inflatables. Picking between a solid board versus an I-Sup largely comes down to preference and how much traveling you’re going to be doing.