La Ardileña: Venezuela Stand Up Paddle Boarding

There is a magical place in Venezuela that few foreigners know about. It is a national park made up of 32,000 hectares of Caribbean glory. Morrocoy National Park, protected since the 1970s, offers visitors dozens of keys to choose from. Its characteristic sandy beaches are easily among the most beautiful in the world. You could spend a month at Morrocoy National Park and visit a different turquoise beach every day.

Hotel Posada La Ardileña

Within the calm waters of the park is a small hotel called Posada La Ardileña. It is arguably the most magnificent hotel in the park. It offers guests a high-end all-inclusive plan. The food is delicious and the bedding in the rooms is probably better than your own at home. Every day they arrange everything for your trip to the beach, including beach chairs, umbrellas and a cooler filled with beer and ceviche. They also have spa set amongst the mangroves where you can receive a relaxing massage after a day at the beach.

Among the things they offer their guests is access to paddleboards! Paddle boarding is quite new in Venezuela. La Ardileña likes being on top of every trend. As such, they have invested in a few top quality paddleboards and paddles for their guests to enjoy. The hotel has direct access to the sea through its docks.

Venezuela Paddle Boarding Hot Spot

Paddle boarding from the hotel at sundown is something to be lived. Experienced paddlers can enjoy a 2-3 km paddle to several beaches or even go on a daylong excursion around the park. The park has a bird sanctuary within it that is restricted to motorized vehicles. However, it is accessible to paddle boarders and is not to be missed!

Four months out of the year (December through March) there is a constant onshore wind that is perfect for down winding. You could ask hotel staff to arrange to have you and your SUP dropped off at the farthest key and down wind back to the hotel. For the rest of the year, conditions are perfect for paddling along without a hurry.

If you are looking to travel somewhere exotic and different, where you can paddle board without having to bring your own board or deal with renting one, we highly recommend this place. For more information about this hotel, visit their website at:

SUP In Clear Water Venezeula

TIP: there are several international airports within a few hours’ drive to this hotel. Pre-arrange a safe method of transportation from the airport to the hotel and enjoy paradise!