Lucky Bums Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Don’t let the name fool you. This paddleboard definitely isn’t lazy. Instead, Lucky Bums has created a paddleboard which will work hard for every adventurous outdoorsman.

The Lucky Bums brand makes a variety of fun and functional equipment for the beach including chairs, body boards,stand up paddle boards and more. All of their equipment is colorful, durable and generally considered to be high quality.

Three paddle board sizes are available. Each is constructed with 500-denier 3-ply PVC reinforced fabric and can be inflated to 15 PSI. The seven-foot board has a weight limit of 120 pounds. The nine-foot board has a weight limit of 180 pounds. Finally, the 11-foot board has a weight limit of 320 pounds. The quality of the construction of the 11 footer is increased to 1000-denier with a 660-denier inner shell.

All of the Lucky Bums inflatable paddle boards are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. The board has three fins, which help add stability for anyone still learning. Once you’re more comfortable on the board, you can remove the fins to add more maneuverability (and challenge).

Type: Inflatable SUP (iSUP)
Suitable for: All-around
Rider Experience: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert
Length: Available in 7′, 9′, and 11′
Thickness: 4”

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Perfect for Beginners

lucky-bums-inflatable-supNot all paddle boards are the same. If you’re new the world of paddle boards, there are certain features you’ll want in a board. Fortunately, the Lucky Bums inflatable paddle board is specifically designed to help new users learn to ride quickly and safely.

First, the paddle board is very stable. Three fins help keep the board steady even in rough water. Each fin can be removed for when you’re more comfortable on the board.

Stability is enhanced by the overall shape and construction of the board. The 3-ply reinforced fabric gives the board a stable rigidity with just the right touch of flexibility to handle waves. Balance is further helped by the 4” thick drop-stitch.

If you’ve never used an inflatable paddle board, you might be surprised by how solid the board will feel in the water. An inflatable paddle board is very different than a blow-up pool lounger or inner tube. An inflatable stand up paddle board feels similar to a rigid board, kayak or canoe.

But an inflatable paddle board has a few advantages over a rigid board. An inflatable board is usually much easier to store and transport. Simple deflate the board and pack it away inside the car trunk. No need to worry about rooftop vehicle tie downs. At home, the deflated board easily fits on a shelf or other out-of-the-way storage area.

If you’re not quite ready to stand up, you can successfully sit or kneel on the paddleboard. Lucky Bums also has a separate inflated seat you can purchase.

High-Quality Features and Accessories

Whether you’re a novice or veteran paddle boarder, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time shopping around for different components. The Lucky Burns board contains everything you need for paddle board operation and maintenance.

First, this saves you time. You don’t have to hunt down and order a separate paddle, pressure pump, fins and so on. But there’s another benefit to an all-in-one paddle board kit. You know every component is specifically designed to work together. There’s a consistency to the materials used and overall quality of the components.

Aside from the board, the kit includes a dual-action high-pressure pump, pressure gauge, repair kit and valve wrench. Inflating the board is straight-forward and fast. Even if you’re inexperienced with paddle boards you still shouldn’t have any problems.

Also included are a variety of additional components such as a five mm foot traction pad, removable fin, gear bungees and a 3-piece adjustable paddle. The paddle can have blades on either side of the staff, which resembles a basic canoe or kayak paddle. This style works best if you’re sitting or kneeling on the paddle board. For standing, the blade is placed on just one end of the rod.

Finally, the kit includes a storage backpack and a repair kit. The storage backpack helps keep the deflated board from getting scratched or damaged while in storage. Also acts as an easy carrying case.

While the repair kit can fix any minor punctures or similar issues, the real appeal is with Lucky Bums Total Assurance return policy. Any damaged, missing or faulty items are replaced immediately. As explained on their website, Lucky Bums is a family business and customer satisfaction is one of their top priorities.

Top Features and Specifications

  • Strong – With either 500 or 1000-denier 3-ply PVC reinforced fabric you don’t have to worry about rips or tears.
  • Complete package – Paddle board includes a three-piece adjustable paddle, removable fin, storage backpack, dual-action high-pressurepumpand repair kit.
  • Versatile – Solid, durable construction and excellent handling make this paddle board suitable for use in lakes, rivers and even oceans.
  • Portable – Included dual-action high-pressure pump allows for quick inflating and deflating. Instead of strapping the board to the roof of your car, you can simply let out the air and pack it away.
  • Fashionable – Blue and white design iscomplemented by a gray and black paddle with yellow pump.
  • Stable – Four-inch thick drop-stitch helps promote a stable board surface which is easy to stand on.

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What Customers Are Saying

While the features of the paddle board sound great, no opinions matter more than the ones from people who actually own this board. Let’s take a look at what realusers are saying.

First, practically every review mentions the excellent customer service. The folks at Lucky Bums seem to understand and care about their customers. Many reviews mentioned attentive, personal service. For instance, one review mentioned the fin on the board was installedbackward, but Lucky Bums fixed the issue quickly.

Customers also liked the sizing options. Many paddle board manufacturers only focus on the average sized customer, but Lucky Bums understands that people of all shapes and sizes enjoy paddle boarding. For instance, their seven-foot board is the perfect size for anyone who is shorter, younger or has a small frame.

Beginners found the board easy to use. Many reviewers mentioned they were new to the activity,but picked up the basics quickly after using this board. The attachable fin helps promote steady balance even in rough waters. Plus, the no-slip PVC reinforced fabric is comfortable with a strong grip.

Generally, complaints were minimal. One reviewer found that the fin didn’t attach properly. Another review said the nine-footboard didn’t provide enough support for 160 pounds.

While those individual complaints are certainly valid, there was no consistent negative to be found in all reviews. This is usually a sign that no major design flaws exist in the product.

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The Verdict

Inflatable paddle boards can seem a bit intimidating if you’ve never been on one before. Fortunately, the Lucky Bums inflatable paddle board is easy and comfortable for new and intermediate users. Even pros will appreciate the quality construction and complete kit.

You always want a paddle board suited for your weight, body frame and ability. If the board is too big, you’ll have a hard time maintaining your center of gravity. Too small and the board will take on water.

Lucky Bums has three paddle board sizes available. Both the seven and nine-foot boards use 500-denier with 3-ply reinforced fabric. They’re usually the best choice for adolescents, ladies and anyone more on the slender side.

If you want a larger, tougher board than the 11 footer is worth serious consideration. With a 660-denier inner shell and a weight limit of 320 pounds, this big board can support two people or a person and a pet.

Using the board is easy and convenient. Inflating the board is simple with the included dual-action pump. When inflated, the board is as tough as practically any kayak or canoe. Deflated, the board easily fits into the included travel bag for storage and transport.

Lucky Bums is a family company which seems committed to customer satisfaction. User reviews generally had no major complaints about either the product or the manufacturer.

If you’re new to inflatable stand up paddle boards, you might be a bit surprised at how easy they are to use – and how much fun they can be. The Lucky Bums inflatable paddle board is an all-around quality board which is easy to ride, transport and store. Being a lucky bum has never sounded better.