NexStrap – Sunglasses Retainer Device

NexStep Products is a company based out of Denver, Colorado. They have a full line up of products to keep your eyewear and accessories dry or at the very least, floating and findable!

These are friends of mine and are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to expand operations and keep the manufacturing in the US.

I recently got my hands on a pair of the NexStrap Sunglasses eyewear retainer, the Koozie holder and the Yoga strap (which the misses loves!)

NexStrap Sunglasses

Unlike standard eye retention straps the NexStrap actually goes around the back of your head and then it has a set of clips which wrap around the front to secure your shades to your body.¬†Growing up on the Okanagan Lake I’ve personally lost over $600 in shades and I know that number is well over $2000 if you include all my buddies that have lost glasses to the bottom of Lake Okanagan.

It doesn’t matter if your wakeboarding, wake surfing or paddle boarding it’s nice knowing I’m not going to be out another pair of glasses because I’m having a hell of a time. I basically gave up on buying high end glasses because during the summer I spend so much time on the water and I kept losing pairs of shades to lakes, rivers and oceans.

The NexStrap is very effective at what it’s built for – to keep the glasses on your head as opposed to the bottom of the ocean. I’ve also tried and they do seem to float my Oakleys, at least in the bathtub (it’s a little cold for water sports now).

NexStrap Eyewear




If you have access to the mountains you’ll love their G Strap which is a similar idea to the NexStrap but it’s for snowboarding or skiing goggles.

NexStep Products Koozie Holder

The Koozie holder is pretty self explanatory. It’s a neoprene lanyard which has been cleverly attached to a beer koozie so you can free your hands up.

Honestly the best application I’ve seen for the NexKoozie is paddle boarding.¬†There is nothing more relaxing then going for a cruise with a few beverages and just hanging out all day. Obviously, paddling while holding a beverage is damn near impossible. And I’ve been there, trying to balance it on my board with plans of getting out a mile or so and then setting up shop and enjoying the view.

Normally, I end up enjoying that view without the beverage I had recently opened. I love this SUP accessory.

Nexstep Products: Yoga Mat Strap

My girlfriend loves this strap. She’s got a few kicking around but says, this one is by far the easiest to use and it’s the simplest.

Loop the mat through each hole, tighten and sling it over your shoulder. It also doubles as a yoga strap which is a nice touch.


All in all, NexStep Products are making some simple, yet extremely functional products to improve your life. Check them out, and support their Kickstarter campaign!