SUP Underwater Lighting Systems

We all know that the thrill of Stand up Paddle boarding is unlike anything else. It’s something marked by breathtaking views out on a sunny day just enjoying the general experience. But why on earth would you want to limit the fun to just the day light hours when technology has made it so easy to enjoy it after the sun has set?


Our #1 SUP Lighting System


If you’re looking for a fun new take on the game, then look into mounting a waterproof headlight to the underside of your board. If you get a light with a powerful beam, you’ll effectively be getting a visual reference for safely navigating through the water as well as a really amazing peep into the underwater world at night.

It goes without saying that the wider angle of the beam, the better the surface visibility will be as well as lighting up your immediate vicinity. Spottier beams however will give you a better range of cover over a further distance and is great for using as signaling devices.

SUP at night has become something that’s well within your reach and it’s unlike any other experience. Now, you can be inspired by the setting sun, to know that a whole night worth of exploring and fun could be on the horizon.

If you’re considering this brave new step in the SUP game, then you’d obviously be on the lookout for some top notch gear. We’ve rounded up a list of the best waterproof SUP lighting devices to help you make the search much easier and get you out there after dark as soon as possible.

The best lights to opt for:


tobeGoBe’s range of waterproof light-heads brings you the ultimate flexibility. You can chop and change between them and choose between having a beam that does great for distance lighting or if you prefer it, you can opt for the floodlight heads that light up your immediate area. The GoBe lights are water resistant up to 120m and can be used both underwater and on land, and you can mount this beauty to just about anything. This light has been designed to go anywhere you want to be. Weighing in at only 160 grams, its super lightweight and portable and makes for the perfect travel accessory. What’s great is the fact that it runs on a re-chargeable li-ion battery with 5 power modes that can do a good 54 hours of lighting up your world before it will need a charge again.

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solaTransform what you thought possible in the underwater scene with the help of the Sola range of waterproof lights. These waterproof lights are ultra-compact and lightweight, coming in at 285 grams and for something so light, they pack a powerful punch, giving you 2 different modes (800 lumen flood and 500 lumen spot) and three power settings per mode. It’s the perfect little travel partner and will change the way you explore the night waters for good. The factory sealed housing means these lights are waterproof up to 300 feet and it’s rechargeable li-lion battery will never let you down, with the ability of being able to run for 270 minutes on low power setting. Let the 60 degrees of flood light illuminate your entire field of vision, or opt for using the spot light to get some great coverage on a wider distance.

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supgloNew for 2015, the SUPGlo is making light waves across the SUP community. The claim that “when the sun goes down, the adventure is just beginning” and these lights are making that possible. SUPGlo is a light that conveniently attached to the base of your board with the help of heavy duty suction mounts (which you can also use for GoPro cameras). It comes with a 3 meter “landing pad” which helps you securely mount the suction cap on even the most textured surfaces. It’s submersible up to 20 meters and has a super bright 5 function LED lighting system that really lights up you immediate vicinity. It can run for approximately 13 hours and works with 3 AAA batteries. For more information, or to order the product, head on over to


What we mentioned here are great brands of lights that can easily be added and removed from your SUP for those nights that you feel like a little boarding is well deserved. If you’re seriously in to the idea of SUP at night then listen up.

Night SUP specializes in producing illuminated LED kits for Paddle Boards. These lights are installed right into your board, along the rails, and work with an internal battery and a power switch that are placed into a watertight compartment on the deck of the board.

These kits are super bright and literally lights up your night. It literally gives you a 360 degree of illumination all around your board and allows you to see the underwater world in clear detail. You might want to have a dedicated board just for this though, because it weighs in at more than 10 pounds and all that extra weight could become problematic in every day boarding situations.

Paddle boarding at night time brings with it a world of new opportunities; uncrowded waters and the ability to experience the marine world unlike you have ever seen it before. Whether you opt for something that quickly and conveniently slips on and off from your board, or you go full out and have some brilliant LED lights installed into your board, the night scene will never be the same again once you have tried this thrilling new side of SUP.