Paddle Board Vancouver BC

One of the most beautiful cities on the planet, Vancouver BC is situated on the far West coast of Canada in the province of British Columbia (Hence, the BC part). With around 2 million people in the Greater Vancouver Area, Vancouver is home to people who love the outdoors and exploring new activities.

Whether it be exploring the mountains on the North shore or Scuba Diving in the Burrard Inlet, Vancouver BC is home to the adventurer at heart. One of the newest activities to take Vancouver BC by storm is Paddle Boarding as sport provides the ultimate platform to explore the many inlets and islands near to Vancouver.

Below, I’ll be highlighting the very best places for Paddle Boarding in Vancouver BC.

First Things First

200551068-001Let’s be clear that Vancouver BC isn’t anything like Hawaii or Miami where you can be SUPin 365 a year. Although the coast line is always very calm (Thank you Vancouver Island), outside of the Summer months, it’s more than likely too cold (and rainy!) to be enjoying the water. For this reason, not many of the locals actually own Paddle Boards and instead rely on an abundance of paddle board rental shops in the Vancouver Area. So before you get all excited and book your flight for a SUP’in adventure on the new Gerry Lopez Paddle Board you got for Christmas , cool your jets and look at a Map because Canada is way too North and is way too cold to Paddle Board in the Winter.

Paddle Boarding at Kitsilano Beach

kitsThe locals know it as ‘Kits Beach,’ and it is home to one of the better shoreline for all of your beaching needs. With a fantastic paddle board rental shop in Vancouver Water Adventures everything you’ll need for your paddle boarding adventure will be well taken care of. I always joke the Kits beach is the ‘Playboy’ beach of Vancouver as it seems like the pretty people’s place of choice for showing off. For those who like the crowd, this is definitely the place to base your Paddle Board trip.

The Kitsilano shores offer lots to see and is at the mouth of the entrance to False Creek. Take a paddle around Granville Island or just enjoy the Sunset from your board.

Favorite SUP Feature: Watching the sunset on an evening paddle.

Paddle Boarding at Jericho Beach

Jericho-Beach-52954For those who like it a little quieter, header a little bit more west towards the University of British Columbia to find Jericho Beach Park. Featuring all of the standard facilities of a Vancouver Park, everything you need including hot and cold snacks are readily available. A little bit more of a family friendly beach, it’s a great spot to spend the day with your SUP.

For SUP rentals, check out Windsure which offers both great rates and lessons. Located next to the Jericho Sailing Centre, it’s just a short walk to the water with your rentals.

Favorite SUP Feature: Having the space and facilities to enjoy it with the family.

Paddle Boarding at Deep Cove

deep-coveLocated on the North Shore, Deep Cove is a completely different scene to the Kitsilano and Jericho Beaches. A small bay in the easternmost part of North Vancouver BC, it doesn’t necessarily have the picturesque beach front but it sure does have the best views. At the base of the legendary North Shore Mountains, the bay offers extremely calm water with little to no boat traffic. Explore the other little coves in the area as you Paddle and watch out for seals as many seem to make their home in this area.

Rentals and lessons can be fulfilled by Deep Cove Kayaks whom can accommodate individuals and groups alike.

Favorite SUP Feature: The unbelievable views of nature

Paddle Boarding at Granville Island

Granville_IslandIf you’re touring Vancouver, chances are you’ll be stopping by Granville Island to check out the sites and sounds. The best public market in the city, tourists flock to the little island at the mouth of False Creek to visit all of the cool little shops and restaurants (My fav is The Sand Bar FYI). Most tourists however don’t know that Granville Island is a great launch pad for a paddle boarding adventure in Vancouver BC. Despite the growing boat traffic in False Creek, there is lots of room for the Paddle Boarders to explore. With beautiful city views to the north, you’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of one of the most livable cities in the world.

Planning on renting your paddle board at Granville Island? You can check out either Vancouver Water Adventures or Ecomarine Paddlesport Centres.

Favorite SUP Feature: Having everything you need right there (including lots of public transit).