Paddle Boarding in Miami

There are so many different things to try and fit in while you are on vacation it can be hard to decide which things you absolutely have to do and which things you may be able to skip for times’ sake.

If you are visiting Miami then there is sure to be tons of things on your “to-do” list. There is definitely a lot to pack in whether you are staying for a week or a month and you likely will not have time for all of it. From the Zoological Wildlife Foundation to Boat tours and the amazing beaches the fun will be non-stop.

If one of those things on your list was to go paddle boarding then this is one of those things you won’t want to skip. For those who already enjoy paddle boarding it can be a great experience to go over new waters and take in new sights.

For those who are new to paddle boarding in Miami, then you should know that it is the perfect experience for anyone – young or old, tall or short, paddle boarding is simple and basically anyone can do it with a short instructional lesson and some patience.

Maybe you were able to plan ahead and bring your own paddle board with you. If this is the case then there may be a few more options available to you as far as where to go on your paddle boarding adventure.

Planning Your Paddle Boarding Adventure

When planning your trip and your paddle boarding adventure the first thing on your list should be a paddle board. You have a couple different options here – if you already own one then things should be pretty simple.

paddle boarding miamiThere are many different ways that you could easily take your own paddle board on your trip. If you are traveling by car then you may be able to strap a solid board to the roof of your car and just go!

If you are flying to your destination then there are dozens of inflatable boards that are just as sturdy as a solid board and much easier to transport. You may find that an inflatable board would puncture easily or be harder to maneuver but they are much the same as a traditional board. Inflatable ones are perfect for people who like to travel and go paddle boarding while away.

In the even that you do not already own a paddle board then you can always opt to rent one during your vacation adventure. In places like Miami there will be plenty of places you can go in order to rent a paddle board for a couple of hours or even a whole afternoon!

Places to go Paddle Boarding in Miami

For those of you who chose to bring your own paddle board on your Miami vacation the options are almost endless. With all the beaches you have to choose from, there is bound to be somewhere that you find irresistible if you are an experienced paddle boarder.

If you chose to rent your paddle board once you reach Miami then don’t fret – you still have plenty of different options awaiting you. You will want to look for somewhere that has a reasonable hourly rental rate as well as somewhere that offers lessons or tours with a lesson for those in your group who may be new to paddle boarding.

Miami Beach Paddle Board

Paddle Boarding in MiamiThis is one of the most popular paddle boarding spots in Miami. They offer paddle board rentals starting at $30 per hour and up to $80 per day. While that may seem a lot depending on other places you may have traveled, but for the Miami area this rental price is extremely reasonable.

They do not offer much in the way of tours or lessons at this rental place. This may be a downside for some, but if all of your group has at least limited experience on a paddle board it is still an excellent option.

On the other hand, the one tour they do offer has a bit of a unique twist to it. While other places have Sunset tours none are quite like the Neon Tours offered here. Each board is outfitted with a neon light that illuminates the water five feet under your board for a unique experience.

Paddle Board Miami

Paddle boarding in miamiAt Paddle Board Miami the rental prices for a single person and board is $30 per hour minimally – but they have many options that Miami Beach does not offer. While the original price per hour may seem like a lot it is made up for with their multitude of other options. Also, the price per hour does go down the longer you rent the paddle board, so it’s really not terrible at all.

For one – they have the option of private lessons starting at $60 per person. This is for a one hour instructional lesson that will give any newbie all the necessary skills to get out on the water and having fun in no time.

They also offer guided tours (which often come with a quick instructional session before heading out) as well as many classes for more advanced users. If you have a larger group at many different skill levels then dividing up into two or more groups based on skill level could be perfect to make it a memorable activity for all.

If anyone in your group is interested in Yoga then you will also find a variety of different yoga classes on the paddle boards as well. They even have a group class that is 75 minutes long for 10 or more people.

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No matter what the skill level or price range you have to work with there will be somewhere in Miami for you to enjoy your paddle boarding experience. So if you were trying to figure out one last, relaxing thing to pack into your schedule then paddle boarding should not be skipped!