Paddle Boarding in San Diego

Taking a trip is always exciting! You get to see and experience new places, new people and often times you get to try new things. In San Diego there are tons of opportunities available to make the most of your stay, whether it is for two days or two months.

There is a multitude of places to visit in San Diego from famous San Diego Zoo, the Midway Museum – heck, you can take a Segway tour of the entire area! One option that you may have considered during your trip is paddle boarding.

Paddle boarding is a great experience whether you are going to somewhere local or you are on an adventure somewhere new – and the San Diego area has plenty of different options to choose from for this particular event.

Planning Your Paddle Boarding Adventure

While most of your vacation should be things done on a moment’s notice – as these things are the ones you will remember most out of the trip – you will also want to do as much planning as possible.

If you are already a fan of paddle boarding then you may have the paddle boarding travelers best kept secret already: an inflatable paddle board. While they are expensive they are well worth the investment of never having to rent one again!

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paddle boarding in san diegoYou may think that an inflatable paddle board would not be as stable or would be easily punctured – but most of them are made with such durable materials that they are nearly indestructible. So if you’ve been considering buying a SUP then considering an inflatable model would be perfect – they fit great in any car and pack small and light for planes.

If you do not want to invest in a paddle board just yet then don’t worry – almost anywhere you go you will be able to find at least a couple different paddle board rental shops. Considering how popular this sport has                                                                                             become for people of all ages, it won’t be hard to find somewhere.

Places to Paddle Board in San Diego

Once you’ve determined whether or not you are heading to San Diego with or without a paddle board you will need to determine where you would like to use it. While those who bring their own paddle boards are open to more options (lakes, beaches, etc. with no rentals) you may still want to consider a paddle board tour somewhere on your trip.

For those looking to rent a paddle board, go on a paddle board tour or take paddle boarding lessons in San Diego then these two locations offer everything you are looking for.

Aqua Adventures Kayaks & Paddle Boards

This place has a ton of different things to offer to paddle boarders looking to enjoy an afternoon on the water in the San Diego area. They have everything from simple rentals (ranging in $20-80+ depending on how long the rental, which can be from 1 hour to 1 week) to lessons for you and even you and your dog!

paddle boarding in san diegoThat’s right – for those of you who love to travel and enjoy activities with your dog, this is the place to do it in San Diego. They offer classes starting at $20 that will help the experienced paddle boarder to introduce their dog to the sport in a safe way that will leave them loving the adventure.

As stated, you can rent the boards individually if you are already experienced – but if you would like a little instruction for your first time out lessons can be provided starting at $49 for a regular lesson to $55 for a private lesson. For private lessons the more people who join you the less you pay per person, so this would be a great option for larger groups!

If you are a beginner, check out our beginners guide!

SUP Coronado

If you are looking for a rental that offers a few different locations then Coronado would be the way to go. They offer their paddle boards as straight rentals at $20 for the first hour and $30 for every hour afterwards – they also offer a variety of lessons ranging from $50-85 depending on the size of your group.

Paddle Boarding in san diegoFor those who were hoping to learn the basics or just have an easy ride then the Bay Tour is exactly what you need. It is an easy going tour along the San Diego skyline and under the Coronado Bridge for some spectacular views.

For the serious adventurers looking for the next challenge then you may find the Ocean Lessons a great opportunity. You may be able to catch a few waves and wetsuits are provided for those who would need one.

Also, if anyone in your group enjoys yoga then you may want to consider checking out their Ocean Yoga which is always around sunset. Each lesson or tour generally lasts about 1-1.5 hours and group rates are available on almost anything.

The only real trouble with Coronado rentals is that on the weekends hey only supply rentals from the beach – plus they only have a limited number of rentals available. It is suggested that you make a reservation if possible – or call ahead at least.

These are not the only two places to go Paddle Boarding in San Diego, not by far. There are several other places that offer lessons and rentals at a great price – you may even want to keep an eye out for things like Groupon who might have deals for even better savings!

Just remember, no matter where you choose to go Paddle Boarding in San Diego, you’re there to have fun – so relax and soak up some sun and enjoy the water for as long as you like.