Paddle Boarding in Seattle

Traveling is supposed to be a relaxing experience – but very quickly that can change with only a few mishaps. No matter where you are going, you want to know that you will have a great time on your vacation – even if one afternoon was the best.

While visiting Seattle you will likely want to check out one of the many Wine Tours or tastings that are available. You will probably also want to take time to stop and see the Museum of Flight and maybe go on one of many walking tours – but there is one thing you should absolutely try to make room for and that is paddle boarding.

Paddle boarding is a great experience for friends, families and couples alike. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are or what your physical condition, paddle boarding is one of the easiest sports around and it is loved by so many.

You will want to know that there will be at least a couple hours where you don’t have to worry about where you will be next – and nothing does that better than being on the water! It is such a relaxing experience that you cannot help but forget about your other worries while on the water.

Planning Your Paddle Boarding Adventure

If you are going to be paddle boarding while you are on vacation you need to do just a little extra planning – as you would for any other event you are planning along your trip. You will want to consider things like bringing your own paddle board or renting one as well as where you will enjoy your afternoon on the water.

As far as bringing your paddle board goes, most of the time you would opt for this if you already on an inflatable SUP. If you already enjoy paddle boarding while you are at home than an inflatable SUP is a great investment. Read our article on our favorite inflatable paddle boards!

Paddle Boarding in SeattleThey are easy to decompress and they roll up into a nice compact size that easily fits into any duffle bag or suite case. If you do not have an inflatable SUP but you have a regular one, then the only way to transport it easily would be to drive – so if that doesn’t fit in with your travel plans then just plan on renting one once you get there.

The good news is that almost anywhere you go there will be plenty of places where you can rent a paddle board for as little as an afternoon and often times up to a week!

Places to Paddle Board in Seattle

Depending on your options (did you bring your inflatable SUP or are you renting one?) you will be looking at a few different places to go paddle boarding once you are in Seattle. You can find that almost any body of water is great for paddle boarding – it all depends on your skill level – so if you brought your own paddle board the opportunities are nearly endless.

On the other hand if you are renting one (as most vacationers would be) then you will be limited to looking for a place to rent one for a great price. If you are new to paddle boarding – or anyone in your party is – then you may want to be sure that the rental place you choose offers some sort of lesson for beginners before you choose a location.

Northwest Outdoor Center – Seattle

When visiting the Seattle area this is one of the most price effective paddle boarding rentals in the area. The per hour rate for a paddle board alone – for an experienced user not looking for instruction – is $17 per hour, prorated after the first hour. This is actually an exceptional rental price and cannot be passed up by the experienced paddler.

If you are looking for a little instruction however, they do offer classes. On Thursday evenings they provide an instructional class and tour combo that can be used to teach beginners or to refine the skills of those who have limited experience. This class and tour combo costs around $40 per person which is not an outrageous price at all.

Ballard Kayak

A little pricier than the previous location, Ballard Kayak has a lot to offer. Their rentals start at $25 per hour – which is still not unreasonable as in some places the rental price can be much higher. If you are looking for an afternoon on the water to help you relax on your vacation than this is it.

Paddle Boarding in SeattleIf you are looking for lessons or tours then they have you covered there too. They offer two different SUP tours that both start off with a quick lesson to help first timers to gain the skills needed to properly explore on the water on an SUP. Then you will make your way around the waterways to explore Seattle in a whole new way.

For those who just don’t want to give up their workout, they even offer a “Pound the Sound” session. This is a low-impact workout on the water on your paddle board. This is a great way to enjoy a workout without feeling stressed about working out in your time off!

Another perk they offer is group packages that are great for a work outing, a family get together, a reunion or a wedding party. No matter what the reason for your get together they are sure they will be able to provide you with the great time you were expecting and more.

They are so confident in that actually, that they offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee. How many rental places do that? Seriously? This just shows them going above and beyond for their customers.

While these are not the only two places to enjoy paddle boarding in Seattle they are definitely two of the most popular – and with great reason: reasonable prices, great views and staff on hand to teach those in need. What more can you ask for during your vacation adventure paddle boarding in Seattle?