Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews


Stand up paddle boarding is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a great form of exercise and relatively easy to learn no matter your age or athletic ability. There are many ways to experience paddleboarding. Enjoy a relaxing day paddling at the lake or if you’re really looking for a challenge, drop your board in a river … Read more

Choosing The Best SUP Board for Yoga

Stand up paddle boarding and yoga have combined for a unique experience. If you are interested in SUP Yoga, it’s best to have a board that assists with balance rather than one that’s built for speed. When choosing the best paddle board for yoga, you’ll need to consider your skill level as well as your … Read more

Thule 810XT SUP Taxi – Paddleboard Roof Rack


A stand-up paddleboard can be lots of fun on the water. But sometimes a non-inflatable SUP can be difficult to deal with on land. Unless you live within walking distance of a body of water, your paddle board will need to be transported by vehicle. Some trucks and SUVs will have enough space in the … Read more

Zray A2 Inflatable Paddle Board Review


Type: Inflatable SUP (iSUP) Suitable for: Recreation and touring Rider Experience: All skill levels (including beginners) Length: 10’6″ Thickness: 6” The Zray A2 Paddle Board gives you all the expertise of one of the leading inflatable stand-up paddle (iSUP) manufacturers. Some people may be wary of iSUPS, and consider them to be inferior to standard … Read more

Solstice Tonga Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Review


An all-around iSUP paddle great for beginners and advanced paddlers, the Solstice Tonga is an excellent choice for cruising and leisure. It’s one of the larger paddleboards on the market, but once inflated, it offers a safe and sturdy platform for exploring the water. This lightweight but solid board supports up to 325 pounds and … Read more

Jimmy Styks Misstyk Ladies Paddleboard


Combining style and durability, the Jimmy Styks Misstyk Paddleboard is a great choice for female paddlers of every skill level. This ten-foot board has tough epoxy construction with an inlay of real bamboo. Includes an adjustable carbon paddle, fin,10-foot leash and board bag. Utility tie-downs let you keep your gear safe in choppy conditions. You … Read more

Lucky Bums Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review


Don’t let the name fool you. This paddleboard definitely isn’t lazy. Instead, Lucky Bums has created a paddleboard which will work hard for every adventurous outdoorsman. The Lucky Bums brand makes a variety of fun and functional equipment for the beach including chairs, body boards,stand up paddle boards and more. All of their equipment is … Read more

Sun Dolphin Seaquest 10 Stand Up Paddleboard Review


Sun Dolphin’s Seaquest stand up paddleboard lets the whole family have fun on the lake, river, ocean or any other large body of water. This Seaquest paddleboard is an exciting and unique alternative to kayaks, canoes and similar sit-down water vehicles. Easier to use than a surfboard, this paddleboard is suitable for the entire family … Read more

Aqua Marina Fusion 10′ Inflatable SUP Review


Have you always been interested in using a stand-up paddle board but uncertain about how to get started? Aqua Marina’s Fusion Stand-up Paddle Board is an excellent option for first-time paddlers and other relative novices. Inflatable paddleboards can seem like a risky choice. Are they really as strong and durable as a non-inflatable paddleboard made … Read more

Blue Wave Sports Stingray Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review


For many people new to stand up paddle boarding, finding a board can be a little intimidating. This is especially true if you want to find a reliable inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP) because there are plenty out on the market. Luckily with the Blue Wave Sports Stingray, you get a reliable and versatile … Read more