Thule 810XT SUP Taxi – Paddleboard Roof Rack


A stand-up paddleboard can be lots of fun on the water. But sometimes a non-inflatable SUP can be difficult to deal with on land. Unless you live within walking distance of a body of water, your paddle board will need to be transported by vehicle. Some trucks and SUVs will have enough space in the … Read more

FCS Board Bag

FCS Board Bag

I knew I needed a board bag the day I woke up and nearly ended my dog’s life. I was waking up slow on a Saturday, intending to hit the waves as soon as I was awake enough, when I heard a strange banging sound. I walk into the living room only to find my … Read more

SUP Underwater Lighting Systems

We all know that the thrill of Stand up Paddle boarding is unlike anything else. It’s something marked by breathtaking views out on a sunny day just enjoying the general experience. But why on earth would you want to limit the fun to just the day light hours when technology has made it so easy … Read more

Best SUP Transport Bags

Once you have invested into a great stand up paddleboard, you’ll know that protecting that board against damage while transporting it to the spot where you want to surf is super important. The might look easy to transport, but their long and flat shapes often make transporting SUP’s a little trickier than you originally thought. … Read more

SUP Transportation Devices

As much as you enjoy paddling with your SUP, most boards are big and heavy so transportation can be a real pain. Ultimately, you have two problems; transporting your board to and from the body of water you want to paddle on and bringing your SUP to and from your vehicle. We take a look … Read more

A Guide To Stand Up Paddle Board Leashes

A SUP leash connects you to your board and is an extremely important part of your board equipment (it’s probably the most important accessory outside of the paddle). If your SUP is not attached, it can get away from you in seconds; this can even happen in a light breeze. The last thing you want … Read more

SUP Board Bag Reviews

Once you purchase a stand up paddleboard, you may come to realize that there are a number of additional expenses involved if you wish to keep your board in tip-top shape. There are actually three good reasons to purchase SUP board bags: Storage Protection: Paddleboard bags are cushioned so you should be able to protect … Read more

A Guide To Stand Up Paddle Board Hand Pumps

If you have an inflatable SUP, you will need a pump to ensure your board is rigid and firm enough to tackle the water. While inflatable SUPs generally come with their own pumps, not all of them are suitable (in fact most of them aren’t!). First and foremost, we’ll take a brief look at how … Read more

The Best SUP & Surf Wall Racks

A brand new SUP is an expensive purchase so why are you still storing it on the floor of your garage? Even the cheapest SUPs on the market will cost you a bare minimum of $500 so you can’t treat it like a pair of old shoes and expect it to produce maximum performance. If … Read more

SUP Paddle: Aluminum, Fiberglass and Wood Paddle Reviews

You can purchase the most high-tech SUP but don’t expect to go anywhere if you don’t have a paddle! Buying a high quality SUP paddle is almost as important as the board itself. While most boards come with a paddle, this is not always the case. There are also plenty of cases where the board … Read more