Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews


Stand up paddle boarding is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a great form of exercise and relatively easy to learn no matter your age or athletic ability. There are many ways to experience paddleboarding. Enjoy a relaxing day paddling at the lake or if you’re really looking for a challenge, drop your board in a river … Read more

Choosing The Best SUP Board for Yoga

Stand up paddle boarding and yoga have combined for a unique experience. If you are interested in SUP Yoga, it’s best to have a board that assists with balance rather than one that’s built for speed. When choosing the best paddle board for yoga, you’ll need to consider your skill level as well as your … Read more

Best Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board

Best Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board

For centuries, people have been fishing from several different means, such as paddle boards, but as new technology and boats became more popular, traditional methods have fallen to the wayside.  If you are looking to fish with a more minimalistic or traditional approach, I am going to provide you with a guide to help you … Read more

Best Paddleboard for Kids

Best Paddleboard for Kids

If you’re trying to get your kid to put down the video games and join you outside for some exercise, then consider inviting the family out for an afternoon of paddleboarding. There’s nothing better than spending time on the water, soaking up some sun and working up a sweat. As you know, the right gear … Read more

Paddle Board Reviews: An Instructor’s Point of View

We invited Lia Adlparvar, a certified paddle board instructor and the owner of Tuga Paddle Boards a Canadian SUP manufacturer. As one would expect, Lia has spent time riding a wide range of brands and types of paddle boards. These are a few of her favorite boards she ridden. Rogue iSUP (11′ x 29″ x … Read more

Cheap Paddle Boards – Get On The Water For Less Than $700

If you are a newcomer to the world of SUP paddle boards, it is hard to justify paying $2,000+ for a new model. Even experienced paddlers are often keen to purchase lower cost SUPs but quality also has to come into the equation. The last thing you need is to pay several hundred dollars for … Read more

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Why Buy An ISUP? I still prefer paddling on a traditional SUP, however there are a plenty of advantages of buying an iSUP. They’re extremely portable. A full sized SUP is going to run nine to fourteen feet. Unless you have a roof rack or you’re walking to the beach Stand Up Paddle Boards can … Read more

Buying Used Paddle Boards

Buying a used paddle board is an excellent way to save yourself a little bit of scratch while still getting a high end board. The process to buying a used paddle board is very similar to picking out your very first new board, there are a few things that complicate the process which is what … Read more