Tower Paddle Boards

Tower Paddle Boards is the premiere direct to customer wholesale manufacturer. They made a major splash in the paddle board market when they entered the Shark Tank and were able to get buy in from Mark Cuban. Today they remain one of the elite SUP manufacturers offering iSUP’s, solid construction and exotic material construction. They’re … Read more

Bic Paddle Boards


BIC, yes BIC the pen & lighter manufacturer, makes a terrific paddle board. They have a wide range of products for every possible type of SUP’ing. Each line has a unique purpose, and as you might expect each comes in several sizes. The Products – Bic Paddle Board Reviews ACE-TEC An all-around board designed for … Read more

SUP Accessories

We are currently working on finding you the best deals on all Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories. Coming Soon SUP Accessories are essential but they don’t matter if you don’t have a SUP.

Buying Used Paddle Boards

Buying a used paddle board is an excellent way to save yourself a little bit of scratch while still getting a high end board. The process to buying a used paddle board is very similar to picking out your very first new board, there are a few things that complicate the process which is what … Read more