Sea Eagle 11’ SUP Review

A couple of years ago I injured my knee in a workplace basketball game. At the time I was an avid runner but I obviously needed to take a break from that for awhile. I love to work out and get outdoors as much as possible so I instead of just giving up and binge watching t.v. all the time, I decided to take up stand-up paddle boarding. Since I was a total newbie, I had no idea what board to buy. I wish I had found the Sea Eagle Longboard 11’ right away instead of wasting my time with other sub-par boards!

Our Favorite Sea Eagle SUP

SUP BoardLengthRatingPrice
Sea Eagle Paddleboard11'$$$
Peak Inflatable SUP10'5"$$$
Zray Inflatable SUP 10'10"$$$
Atoll Inflatable SUP11'$$$

Things to Consider when Buying a SUP Longboard

Standup paddle boarding is relaxing, rewarding, and great exercise. If you’re lacking vitamin D, need to relieve stress, lose weight and build muscle tone then paddle boarding could be right for you. It doesn’t require any special skill or knowledge. All you need is the proper equipment, a body of water and a free afternoon.

Not all paddle boards were created equal. You need to think about the type of boarding you plan to do. You’ll need a different board for lackadaisical paddling around the lake and speed training on choppy ocean waters. Do you think you’ll mostly be sitting or standing on your board? Do you want to be able to share your board with friends or kids? It’s important to do some research before you invest in a SUP longboard so you’re not surprised or disappointed.

What to look for:
  • Stability
  • Suitability (for the type of boarding you plan to do)
  • Quality construction
  • Design advantages

 Sea Eagle 11’ SUP Review

Sea Eagle Inflatable LongboardThe Sea Eagle 11’ is the newest version of a longboard produced by Sea Eagle. It is an 11’ long, 30’’ wide and 6’’ deep inflatable longboard with 15 psi max air pressure. The board is constructed with drop stitch technology which allows for a higher psi than most other inflatable boards. The total board weighs 23 lbs and comes with a pump and easy travel bag. One of the biggest updates from the earlier model is the foam diamond deck pad and custom foam performance kick tail. The deck padding designed to support your feet for longer boarding sessions and assist you with more complicated or advanced maneuvers. You can buy a specially designed seat to attach and make seated boarding extra comfortable.


  • Versatile
  • Wide and thick design makes it stable in choppy water
  • Comfortable for sitting or standing
  • Only holds up to 200 lbs (one adult)
  • Not a special niche board (works for all kinds of boarding, but doesn’t excel at any)
  • Bulkier than some other boards

Sea Eagle 11’ Features


The 30’’ width of the Sea Eagle 11’ longboard makes this one of the more stable boards on the market. Beginners will feel comfortable on this board and experts will be able to easily pull off difficult tricks and maneuvers. Not all paddle boards are as thick and steady in choppy waters. While this board won’t comfortably hold two adults, it is wide enough and stable enough for a few furry friends to join you! You dogs will easily be able to traverse the seas on the Sea Eagle 11’ longboard. The stability of this board makes it perfect for surf, boarding with animals and spending your very first afternoon out on the lake.

paddleboarding with pets

Image source: ISUPworld



The added seat option makes this board ideal for people who want the option of working out, or just gliding and watching the sunset over the water. The inflatable seat gets strapped down to the foam deck and is secure and comfortable. It’s also a good place for a child to sit while you stand and paddle. The Sea Eagle 11’ also comes with an adjustable paddle so a person of any height can comfortably maneuver this board. The Sea Eagle 11’ also has three different adjustable fins, so you can pick what’s right for you. Not all paddle boards provide so many options for how you can spend your time on the water.

SUP with seat


The new design of the diamond foam deck helps beginners stay on the board and keeps experts comfortable after hours on the board. There’s nothing worse than wanting to spend more time out on the water, but feeling your feet chaff or bruise against your board. The custom foam kick tail will keep you from slipping off the end on higher waves and will help with blind foot placement. The front of the board is fitted with tie-downs so you can bring water or other needed gear out on the water with you, to make every trip out as comfortable and fun as possible.

sup tie downs

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sup foam deck

Image source: ISUPworld

Alternative Options

Peak Inflatable SUP

Peak Inflatable SUP
The Peak inflatable is 10’6’’ long and 31’’ wide. It’s extra wide construction makes this board comfortable and stable for newbies. It’s perfect for yoga enthusiasts who want to try doing yoga out on the water. This board isn’t ideal for surfing or ocean conditions, but it’s great for lake touring and gentler waters. It is a similar price to the Sea Eagle 11’ but it only has one fin, as opposed to the Sea Eagles three adjustable fins.




Zray Inflatable SUP

Zray Inflatable SUPThe Zray paddle board is a cheaper version of the Sea Eagle but it’s shorter (10’10’’ long) and not as versatile. This board is perfect for yoga and calm waters. It doesn’t have ocean or surfing capabilities, but it does hold up to 320 lbs. The higher maximum weight capacity makes it easier to fit two people on this board. This board is perfect for beginners who just want to feel comfortable and secure on still waters.




Atoll Inflatable SUP

Atoll Inflatable SUPThis board is the most comparable to the Sea Eagle. It has the similar dimensions and the same psi capacity. The only different is it is 2’’ wider than the Sea Eagle. It comes with an adjustable paddle, a repair kit and a travel bag. It holds up to 250 lbs and has a high quality foam deck pad. It doesn’t have the same foam kicktail that the Sea Eagle does, which doesn’t make it as easy to use on bigger waves.




When I hurt my knee I was really discouraged. But after discovering paddle boarding I realized that I could exercise, get quality outdoors time and relieve my stress without putting a strain on my joints. The Sea Eagle 11’ longboard has the comfort and stability needed for longer boarding sessions. It’s perfect for all kinds of boarding and beginners and experts will find something to love about this board. It has a three-year warrantee and a 180 day risk-free trial period. If you’re ready to give it a shot, check out the Sea Eagle 11’ longboard.