Sea Eagle 330 Review

If you’re looking for a great Day Trip, flat water condition, recreational kayak, then the Sea Eagle 330 might just be up your alley!

Kayaks are great! They give you the opportunity to really get out on the water and enjoy the scenery, but not everyone has the means to transport a massive kayak to where they want to go. This is when inflatable kayaks are the perfect solution. The Sea Eagle 330 is just that. Coming in at 11’2” in length and 2’10” in width, the Sea Eagle 330 weighs in at 26 pounds and has a carrying capacity of 500 pounds!

Sea Eagle 330 Review

Here are its key features:

  • Comes with 2 paddles, a foot pump, 2 kayak seats and a storage bag as well as a puncture repair kit
  • It has an extra thick 33 mil PolyKrylar & I-Beam construction floor that gives it extra rigidity
  • It’s super stable, lightweight, easy to transport, comfortable to paddle, has great maneuverability and inexpensive

Considered a sports inflatable kayak, the Sea Eagle 330 can also be paddled as a canoe if that’s what you need from it.

If you’re a rookie in the inflatable kayaking department, this is probably one of the best models you can opt for because it’s kind of impossible to sink or flip it.

We love the fact that just about anyone can quickly and easily get this inflatable kayak setup and ready to paddle out on the water, and it’s also light enough to be taken just about anywhere you need to go. This kayak qualifies as the perfect hiking, fishing and camping watercraft toy because it’s compact and will offer numerous great outings out on the lake, river and even calm seas. The self bailing drain valve allows you to easily drain out any water that might get into the bat while you’re out on the water.

What’s in the Name?
Whenever you hear the name Sea Eagle, you know you’re getting quality, backed by over 40 years of experience in the industry.

We love the fact that they offer a 3 year warranty on all their kayaks AND a no risk 180 day money back guarantee.

Entry Level at its Best
Although it’s great for day tripping, the Sea Eagle 330 really is an entry level kayak, so its best suited for beginners who don’t have a massive budget to splurge on the most expensive kayak, but still need great quality. If you have the extra cash to invest, we really recommend you opt for investing in one of Sea Eagle’s higher end models such as the 380X or the 385 Fast Track.

Simple…you’ll get more durability, more ruggedness, better performance and much better tracking. The higher end models also offer you faster speeds, which is something you’ll find wanting to have once you really get the hang of kayaking.

The Sea Eagle 330 comes available in 4 different package options…

  • Deluxe Pro Package – this is your cheapest option and comes with one kayak seat, an on kayak paddle, a foot pump and a repair kit
  • Deluxe Package – This is basically the same as the deluxe pro, but you get two kayak seats, two paddles, a foot pump, a carry bag and a repair kit
  • Pro Kayak Package – The Pro package includes 2 deluxe kayak seats, 2 kayak paddles, a foot pump, a repair kit and a carry bag
  • Quick Sail Package – We love this package because it allows you to convert your kayak into a cute little sail boat and comes with 2 deluxe kayak seats, 2 paddles, a foot pump, a carry bag and a repair kit

The Wrap Up

Is this a great kayak? Yes, without a doubt. If you’re just starting out in the world of inflatable kayaking and you don’t have heaps of cash to spend, the Sea Eagle 330 is a great and pretty solid option to go for. It’s super stable and it’s also easy to paddle.

Along with affordability, you also get versatility and toughness that can be used in many different applications.

You’ll be able to tackle some mild whitewater and surf with this inflatable; just don’t think of taking on class III rapids with this kayak. It’s best to just stick with flat waters and relatively calm rivers, to stay on the safe side of things.

Safe for fishing, yacht tending and mild whitewater rafting, the Sea Eagle 330 definitely makes our list for the TOP inflatable kayaks for 2015.