Paddle Boarding in Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is made up of 40 coral islands. The main island, and where you would fly in, is Providenciales. Known locally as Provo, this island has an abundance of chic hotels with beach frontage. Several hotels offer the paddleboard rentals to their guests.

There are many places to paddleboard in Turks and Caicos. You can choose to paddle in Grace Bay, where most of the hotels are located. It lies in a protected national park. Jet skis or other motorized boats are not allowed at this beach and you can count on calm paddle boarding conditions.

Long Bay Beach is another great option. Its see-through waters are sheltered from the waves. This is your spot if you want to do some flat-water paddling. Bring a snorkeling mask along with you, as you will want to jump in and explore the beautiful sights you will see from your paddleboard.

The vibrant turquoise water of the Chalk Sound lagoon is not to be missed. No motorized boats are allowed in the lagoon. Sometimes the wind can cause choppy conditions. There is an airplane wreck in the lagoon that is an awesome sight.

Whether you choose to rent a board at your hotel or from one of the companies mentioned below, ask them for tips on where to paddleboard and for local safety recommendations.

Waterplay Provo

Waterplay Provo is the one-stop-shop for water sports on the island. They offer several rental packages: $35 per hour and $15 per additional hour, or $75 for the whole day, which they count as 8 hours.

They also have guided paddle boarding tours for $110 for 1.5 hours. Experienced guides take you through mangroves and tidal channels, pointing out wildlife like turtles, starfish and stingrays along the way. They have three different locations: The Regent Grand Resort, Ocean Club East and on Long Bay Beach, next to the Shore Club.

SUP Provo

SUP Provo offers daily or weekly paddleboard rentals. Their daily rate is $75, like Waterplay, plus a $50 delivery/pick-up fee. This fee is waived for rentals that are longer than 3 days. Their weekly rate is $350 so it makes sense to rent from them if you want to have a board for your entire trip.

Paddleboard rentals include an introduction to paddle boarding. Their fleet is made up of BIC 11’4” Peter Pan boards.