Sun Dolphin Journey 10 and 12 Reviews

If you’re looking for affordable and lightweight kayaks that come at some seriously attractive prices, the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 and 12 are two great kayaks to consider. We’ll discuss the main attractions on these kayaks and tell you what sets them apart, to make the choice easier for you. What’s the main difference between 10 and 12? The Journey 10 is a solo kayak, where the Journey 12 is a tandem kayak. Both the Journey 10 and the Journey 12 handle exceptionally well, and they’re light enough to be carried overland when you need to. They also offer plenty of storage space on board to keep your belongings close by while out on the water.

Sun Dolphin Journey 10 and 12 Reviews

The Journey 10

Sun Dolphin Journey 10This solo kayak measures in at about 10 feet in length, 30 inches wide and has a depth of about a foot. It’s made of UV stabilized Fortiflex high density polyethylene, which means it’s really durable and was built to withstand the elements. Weighing in at just 44 pounds, it’s very easy to transport.

The Journey 10 has a weight carrying capacity of at least 250 pounds, and it also has optional tow-behind storage, which is great for when the weight carrying capacity doesn’t suit your needs.

The Journey 12

Sun Dolphin Journey 12The Journey 12 is a tandem kayak with loads of little features and extras designed to catch the eye.

It has a three rod holder, two of which are stationary and one on a swivel. This means you can fish off either side of the front of the boat.

It also comes with included paddles and some other key features include: a portable accessory carrier for two-behind storage, protective and comfortable thigh pads in the seats, dry storage and cord rigging, adjustable foot braces, retractable carrying handles and super sturdy paddle holders.

It’s All in The Name

Sun Dolphin is a pretty solid kayak manufacturer, so you really know that you’re getting exceptional quality whenever you purchase one of their products. The Sun Dolphin Journey 10 and 12 both come with 5 year manufacturer warranties on the parts and rigging along with 2 year warranties on the hulls.

The Journey 10 and 12 are extremely efficient kayaks; they’re versatile and very economical, making them leaders in their class.

The Journey 10 and 12 are great fishing kayaks that provide a steady base and give angler the ability to shift their weight while remaining suspended on the water. When it comes to fishing on a kayak, the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 and 12 are definitely industry leaders.

While the Journey’s might be entry level kayaks, you still get many extras that are super important to any angler.

They are both sturdy kayaks, well-built and have been created to take the bumps of creek bottoms and pounding waves, but they’re still lightweight and easy enough for a single kayaker to handle.

Pros of the Journey 10 and 12

  • Offers plenty of room to move about with a stable base to avoid flipping over
  • Comes with shock cord rigging
  • Offers you loads of storage space
  • Comes with removable back packs / float behinds for extra storage
  • They have large accessory compartments
  • They have adjustable foot braces
  • They give you great maneuverability in shallow or tight rivers and streams
  • They were manufactured with strong construction materials
  • They are lightweight and easy to carry
  • They offer comfortable seating with padded back rests
  • They have retractable carrying handles on the bows and sterns
  • They have great entry sit on top designs

Cons of the Journey 10 and 12

The only real issues we have with these kayaks are their weight limits. Anglers love to take along everything they could need out on the water, and the weight restrictions make that a little harder. But fortunately there’s the optional extra of the float behind storage.

Then there’s also the issue of no scupper holes…the hull of these kayaks have very high walls, which will actually help prevent water from spilling into the boat while you’re out on the water, which really doesn’t make the scupper hole thing such as massive issue, we just wouldn’t suggest taking them out onto seriously rough waters or the ocean.

The Wrap Up

If you’re in the market for an affordable way to get into the game of kayak fishing, the Journey 10 and 12 are two great kayaks definitely worth considering. They offer a lot of features that some other much higher priced boats do at a very low and affordable price.

If you’re flying (or fishing rather) solo, then the Journey 10 is what you need to be looking at for a budget friendly option that still gives you all you could ever need in a solo kayak.

On the other hand, if you enjoy the company of a friend out on the water and want a cheaper solution for tandem kayak fishing, the Journey 12 is just the thing to turn your attention to.

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  1. This kayak has 4 scupper holes, you can’t miss them, 2 in the fron and 2 under the seat. plugged the 2 by the seat and have never had significant water in this kayak. Used over 10 times in ponds, streams and river. Good, inexpensive kayak.

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