Sun Dolphin Seaquest 10 Stand Up Paddleboard Review

Sun Dolphin’s Seaquest stand up paddleboard lets the whole family have fun on the lake, river, ocean or any other large body of water.

This Seaquest paddleboard is an exciting and unique alternative to kayaks, canoes and similar sit-down water vehicles. Easier to use than a surfboard, this paddleboard is suitable for the entire family – even kids and pets can easily catch a ride.

Measuring 10’ by 33” by 6”, this paddleboard supports up to 230 pounds. The non-slip foot pads and wide platform provide plenty of stability even in rough, choppy conditions. The Seaquest has a dry storage compartment with shock cord deck rigging and a cooler area. Also includes adjustable paddle which can be converted from single to double blade.

Although anyone can use the Sun Dolphin Seaquest 10, it’s designed mainly for beginners and intermediate users. The wide, flat surface is best for smooth, calm waters but handles just fine in a bit of chop, too.

Type: Solid Stan Up Paddleboard
Suitable for: All around
Rider Experience: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert
Length: 10′
Thickness: 6”

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Lightweight and Portable

sun-dolphin-supMany paddleboard manufacturers only concentrate on the board’s performance in the water. While that’s obviously important, Sun Dolphin understands you also need to carry the paddle board around on land.

At 50 pounds, most adults will be able to handle the paddleboard easily. Five carrying handles offer plenty of different ways to carry the board. The fin can be quickly unscrewed and removed for easier transport.If you need help carrying the board, shoulder straps are available.

In the water, the light weight allows for quick and easy maneuverability. Experienced riders will have no problem taking this board into rough, fast-moving waters. Of course, riders of every level will need to always wear proper flotation devices.

While inflated paddleboards are always going to take up the least amount of storage space, the non-inflated Seaquest is still very easy to store. Ten inches long and 33 inches wide, the board can easily fit into a rack in your garage or standing against a wall in your mudroom. The fins are removable making the board completely flat for storage.

At fifty pounds, the Sun Dolphin Seaquest 10 paddleboard is relatively easy to lift up over your head and slide onto the roof of a vehicle. Can also potentially fit into the back of an SUV or larger four-door vehicle. Simply lower the seats and use a bungee cord to keep the trunk closed.

While an inflatable paddleboard will always be the easiest type to store, non-inflatables are usually less of a hassle than many people think. Non-inflatable paddleboards generally require less maintenance. Instead of inflating and deflating the raft, the Seaquest is always ready to hit the waves.

When the day is over, clean-up is a snap. Simply wipe the board down with a damp cloth to remove any debris. You can even spray the board clean with a garden hose.

Easy to Use (Even for Beginners)

sun-dolphin-seaquestEven if you’re completely new to paddleboards, the Seaquest is a great introductory board. It’s stable, easy to maneuver and durable. The wide 33-inch platform has plenty of space to stand comfortably. Plus, the non-slip foot pads let you keep your balance even in choppy waters.Includes a dry storage compartment with shock cord deck rigging and a recessed cooler area with strap.

The included paddle has two options. The paddle can be on one end with the handle on the other. This gives you plenty of reach to paddle while standing. You can also set it up so both ends have a paddle. This configuration lets you paddle kayak-style which sitting or kneeling on the board.

With a large surface area and a weight limit of 200 pounds, the board is strong enough to support two riders. Even a dog or child can potentially hop aboard and ride while an adult paddles.

Top Features and Specifications

  • Easy to carry – Five carrying handles let you easily lift the board onto a vehicle or into a storage space.
  • Solid – Fifty pounds is a solid weight but still light enough for easy portability.
  • Supportive – Can hold over 200 pounds. Large and sturdy enough to support two young adults.
  • Stable – Wide 33 inch deck is easy to stand on even in rough water.
  • Non-slip – Foot pads let you keep your balance comfortably.
  • Paddle included – Adjustable paddle with single and double blade options for sitting and standing.
  • Secure storage – Built-in dry storage compartment with shock cord deck rigging.
  • Adjustable fin – Simply screw the fin in for extra stability or remove it for a fun challenge.
  • Maneuverable – A board length of ten feet provides stability without sacrificing control.
  • Stylish design – Sleek, contemporary look available in green, ocean, red and tangerine.

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What Customers Are Saying

sun-dolphin-seaquest-supWhile the features are solid, what do actual customers have to say about this paddleboard after using it in the real world?
Most customers give the Seaquest positive reviews. The features, design and constructive seem to be as impressive in practice as they seem on paper.

Many rave reviews come from folks who are new to paddle boarding but are experienced kayakers. The board is constructedwith the same hard plastic often used in kayaks.

The paddle can be adjusted from single to double. The single paddle is designed for standing while the double paddle works best when you’re kneeling or sitting on the board. A few mentioned how sitting on the paddleboard felt very similar to kayaking.

Several women describedhow they were able to lift and maneuver the paddleboard on their own. The overall design, and multiple carry handles, allow for most individuals to easily mount the board on a vehicle.
Other reviewers mentioned the board’s suitability for children. One user said her two adolescent boys can both use the paddleboard together when one stands and the other sits.

Most of the reviews were very positive. But even some of the positive reviews did mention an occasional negative aspect. Basically, there’s one potential issue you should be aware of when considering a purchase.

A handful of customers had some issues with shipping. The paddleboard is wrapped in thin plastic, which doesn’t seem like the best way to protect against damage. Some reviewers said their paddleboard arrived with few nicks and scratches.

To be fair, this type of wear and tear will naturally occur after normal use. Might still be annoying if you’re expecting a completely pristine paddleboard. Hopefully, Sun Dolphin will add some sturdier packaging in the future to avoid this issue, although the board’s performance is unaffected.

Overall, online reviews for the Sun Dolphin Seaquest were overwhelmingly positive. People like the sturdy, large construction and comfortable design. Quite a few people remarked that the Seaquest was the first paddleboard they’d ever purchased. They found it to be a great board to learn on.

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The Verdict

sun-dolphinThere’s a lot to like about Sun Dolphin’s Seaquest. This is a sturdy, 10-foot paddleboard has a high weight limit and a smooth ride. Plus, the surface has a sure grip, even when wet, but remainscomfortable on your bare foot even after long periods of use.

Plus, a high-quality carbon paddle is included. You can alternate the paddle between single or double blade. Paddleboards which include a paddle are always preferred because the paddle is designed to complement the shape of the board.

The price is pretty appealing, too. This is the 2015 model, which is hardly ancient, but you still don’t have to pay the high price for the 2017 model. If you live in an area where lakes and rivers are only accessible during the summer months, you don’t have to feel like you’re wasting your money on a board which needs to stay in storage for most of the year.

One major concern many people have with a non-inflatable paddleboard is portability. Fortunately, the Seaquest doesn’t require excessive physical strength to move. At just 50 pounds, most people have no problem lifting the board up to place on top of a vehicle.

Overall, many users have found the Sun Dolphin Seaquest 10 to be a great choice for a variety of reasons. The board is lightweight, durable and includes all the accessories you need. Even if you’re new to the world of paddle boards, the Seaquest is easy to stand on and ride. Perfect for family fun on the lake, river or ocean.