SUP Board Bag Reviews

Stand Up Paddle Board Bags

Once you purchase a stand up paddleboard, you may come to realize that there are a number of additional expenses involved if you wish to keep your board in tip-top shape. There are actually three good reasons to purchase SUP board bags:

  1. Storage Protection: Paddleboard bags are cushioned so you should be able to protect your board during storage. After purchasing a 10-12 foot SUP, you will quickly understand that most damage occurs outside of the water! Having a proper bag keeps the surface of your board protected.Make sure your SUP is not wet when it is bagged or else it could develop mold!
  2. Heat Protection: Look for an SUP board bag with a metallic/silver reflective surface on the outside. When your board is lying on the beach it is exposed to the sun’s heat and this can cause foam expansion among other things. A reflective bag is an excellent way to prevent your board from being damaged by the accumulation of heat.
  3. Convenience: You should also purchase a paddleboard bag with a shoulder strap as this makes it easy to transport your SUP.
SUP BagSizeRatingPrice
Curve SUP Bag9'6" & 12'6"$$$
Kore Dry Bags7' - 14'$-$$
BIC Board Bags 10' & 11'10' & 11'$$$

FAQ SUP Board Bags

Does An SUP Board Bag Have To Match The Length Of A Board?

As a general rule of thumb, it is okay to have a bag up to 6 inches shorter than your board. If you have a 12’ SUP for example, you can get away with a paddleboard bag of 11’6” or thereabouts. You should also find that top manufacturers such as Pro-Lite give around 2 inches of ‘extra play’ so you get a snug fit if you have a 9’10” SUP and a 9’8” bag.

As Board Bags Are Designed To Prevent Heat From Building Up, Is It Okay To Keep My SUP In Its Bag On The Beach All Day?

Although your paddleboard bag will protect your board from heat, it is not a good long-term option. If you leave your bag out in the sun on extremely hot days for several hours, it could heat up like an oven and damage your SUP. It is more sensible to avoid direct sunlight whenever you can when leaving your bag and board outside.

Do Board Bags Have A Fin Slot For A Board’s Box Fin?

In a word, ‘yes’! Taking the center fin in and out can be a real pain when you travel so there should be a Velcro fin slot built into the bag for convenience. This means you only have to remove your fin whenever it is necessary for travel or storage.

SUP Board Bag Reviews

Now that we have looked at what you should expect from a paddleboard bag, we can review some of the top brands on the market.

Curve SUP Board Bag

Curve is a New Zealand based company and is developing a positive reputation for producing high quality SUP accessories. At around $170, this is about mid-range in terms of price and it comes in four sizes ranging from 9’6” to 12’6”. The exterior of the bag is up to the usual high standard of Curve with good quality stitching and no loose threads. There are two straps and an external pocket so you can store your paddle on the outside. It also has the usual Velcro strap for the fin and drain holes.

The material used to make the bag is durable and water resistant on the outside with reflective material inside. We really liked the design of the zip as it enables you to fully open the bag and there is also plenty of room inside. We found it was possible to store wetsuits and other gear along with the SUP which is excellent. Overall, the Curve SUP Board Bag does a good job of protecting your board and is one of the better designed bags on the market. We can recommend it without hesitation.


SUP UV Cover Topless Board Bag

This is a unique offering from Kore Dry and it is available for paddleboards from 7’ to 14’. The smallest board bags cost around $48 while the largest are for tour boards and will set you back around $140. Although technically, it’s not exactly a “bag”.

These are designed for paddlers living in extremely hot climates and can offer great protection to carbon fiber SUPs. It is remarkably easy to take on or take off this cover which is great news for paddlers in a hurry.

According to Kore Dry, this cover can keep your board up to 30 degrees cooler; while we don’t know how accurate this claim actually is, we did notice our boards were significantly cooler after being stored in this bag. Another neat feature is the cover’s ability to conform to any board shape in its size. A final plus point is the fact all aspects of this board cover are made in America. Overall, this is a brilliant choice for boarders in excessively warm climates.


SUP Board Bag For Tower Social 11’5”

As you can tell, this bag is designed for a specific paddleboard bag. At just $79, it is very much an economy option and unfortunately, it is far below the quality one would associate with $200+ board bags. The material is quite cheap and is more susceptible to ripping and tearing than a more expensive paddleboard bag and the zipper is more likely to get stuck.

The bag is lined with 1/4 foam which gives some amount of protection but not enough in our opinion. There is a reflective surface on one side to keep your board cool in the sun but it will not protect it for hours on end. The hand hold and shoulder strap offer convenient carrying and there is an opening for the center long board fin. Essentially, this SUP board bag has all the basics one would expect and it may be a good choice for Tower Social owners on a tight budget. However, if you can afford something better we would be inclined to purchase that instead.