Ten Toes Boards: SUP Reviews

Paddle boarding is a water sport that is growing in popularity since it is an awesome full-body workout. When paddle boarding is your sport of choice it is important that you make a solid investment when it comes to your SUP (stand up paddleboard).

Ten Toes Board


#1 Ten Toe's SUP Board

Not only will you want to know that you are buying a board made of a durable material but you will also want to consider the right size for your height and weight. Along with buying a quality board you will need (while very minimal) some good gear to go with it.

Ten Toes offers a board that is right for everyone – from the Nano 8’ Inflatable Paddle Board to the Jetsetter 14’ Inflatable Touring Standup Paddle Board there is something to fit every paddle boarding need.

Centered on a durable design that can easily become compact for storage and transportation just about anywhere these paddle boards are highly recommended. Most of all the company is passionate about their produce and go are sure to inflate all rafts for 72 hours prior to packaging for sale.

There are four main designs offered by Ten Toes – each has a specific need in mind and is designed for ease of use.

theNano 8’ Inflatable Paddle Board

Ten Toes Board

This is a great paddle board for younger participants as well as generally smaller adults. It was created with the idea of making maneuverability easier for those who are of a shorter stature. The paddle that comes with it is collapsible and is 32” when collapsed and up to 9’ when fully extended.

The paddle board itself is 8’ when fully inflated (and it does come with a high intensity air pump!) and when deflated and rolled up it is about 11”X30” – this iSUP is small enough to take with you pretty much anywhere you go.

It is designed with three fins on the bottom to help make directing the board easier than ever. You can use this paddle board on the ocean, in a river or lake – pretty much anywhere you have a body of water you can get use of this paddle board.

Made of extremely strong and durable military grade PVC this board is virtually indestructible. Following all instructions about drying, storing, deflating, etc. this board should last quite a long time and is great for any smaller person. And at just $500 it’s an extremely affordable paddle board setup.

theWEEKENDER 10’ Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

The Weekender Ten ToesIf you are of an average size and paddle boarding is more of a hobby than a workout then this is probably the best paddle board for you. The board is an easy-to-manage size being 10’ when inflated (11”X36” when deflated for storage or transport). When looking for a high quality board that is ready for regular recreational use this one fits the bill.

Like the last board it comes with an adjustable height, three piece, aluminum paddle that is light weight and easy for anyone to use. There are three nylon fins (detachable) on the board that help you to steer in any direction without difficulty.

The deck is made of foam for comfort and to reduce the risk of slipping. This particular feature makes this a great paddle board for anyone looking to practice yoga on their paddle board!

theGLOBETROTTER 12’ Inflatable Touring Standup Paddle Board

GlobetrotterThis is the board you want to get if you are a little more experienced and looking for something for high-speed paddling. This paddle board is great for any type of water easily handling ocean waves or a river’s current and will be just as great on a still pond or lake.

The 12’ board is designed to easily cut through water – making it a great touring paddle board. It has a similar deck to theWEEKENDER and is designed to make stability simple. The compacted size for transport or storage is about the same too at 11”X36”.

Unlike the previous two this board only has need for a single nylon fin – and of course it’s removable when storing the board. You will be provided with a paddle (extendable from 3’ – 9’) and a high intensity air pump for easy inflation.

For any paddle boarder with enough experience this board is a solid investment. The high quality materials of Ten Toes inflatable boards ensure that they should withstand years of use with only a few simple maintenance repairs.

theJETSETTER 14’ Inflatable Touring Standup Paddle Board

JetsetterThis is the most beastly of all the boards Ten Toes has to offer. This 14’ board is perfect for any speed demon from intermediate to advanced skill level. If you are looking for a paddle board that was designed for speed then this is it.

The design is a little different than the others with the shape extremely resembling a kayak. There is only a single fin that helps cut through water – all together the design allows this board to speed through water of any sort with ease.

When you are looking for a board that is ready to handle competitive or rough waters this is definitely a good choice. While there is never a guarantee against damage it is nearly indestructible made of the same military grade PVC as all of Ten Toes boards.

With the board you will receive the same bundle as the rest (a high intensity air pump for easy inflation, a 3 piece aluminum paddle (3’-9’), a leash and repair kit).

Overall, Ten Toes has an option to fit any skill-level and need. If you are looking for something to start out with or a competitive board Ten Toes boards fit the bill. They are all made of the same durable material and as mentioned earlier all products are quality checked prior to being sent out.

Put that together with a one year product warranty and a board that comes with everything you need to start paddle boarding that day and you have one heck of a deal that no paddle boarder should miss out on.