Thurso Surf Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Review

The Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard by Thurso Surf is one of the top-rated boards and is designed as a versatile option for all types of paddlers. Available as part of a kit, this is an ideal choice for beginners who are looking to get on the water as quickly as possible.

Designed and built from the ground-up by Thurso Surf, they’ve used the highest quality materials possible to create an extremely durable board that’s nearly indestructible. However, despite this strength, the board rolls up tightly and is incredibly lightweight.

Inflatable paddle boards are first and foremost a convenient alternative to a traditional rigid board that would need to be mounted on the roof of a car to be transported. Whereas with the Thurso Surf Inflatable SUP you can carry it in a backpack and surf wherever you want.

Type: Inflatable SUP (iSup)
Suitable for: All-around
Rider Experience: Novice
Length: 11′
Thickness: 6”

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Incredible Stability and Maneuverability

thurso-inflatable-supThe Thurso Surf Inflatable SUP is relatively big, at 11’ in length and 6” in thickness this board has plenty of volume. It’s this volume that will create buoyancy, causing the board to float and keeping it stable in waves and rough conditions.

Most paddleboards are noticeably shorter than this, which means that this has more volume than the average SUP and therefore more stability. This makes it a great choice for novice riders who might not be comfortable on more technical boards that require more skill to control.

However, even if you’re an expert rider, rough conditions and waves can make riding smaller boards nearly impossible. In this case picking a larger board like the Thurso Surf SUP is the smartest decision.

This is why Thurso Surf describe it as an “all-around paddle board for all paddlers” because it’s a great option for all conditions and all levels of proficiency.

Despite its larger size and excellent stability, it’s also a maneuverable board that can be nimble in the right hands. Initially, this model was sold with just a single center fin, like many standup paddle boards, but they recently changed to a 2+1 setup.

A single fin is often better for beginners because it keeps you going in a single direction and doesn’t give you as much control. Adding two-extra fins allows you to turn to the left and right much quicker, making sharper turns incredibly easy.

This makes the new edition of the SUP much more universal, ideal for beginners who intend to transition to novices and eventually intermediate level rides quickly. Adding these extra fins allows you to extend the lifetime of the board, giving you more value for your buck.

Strength and Portability

thurso-isup-boardThe Thurso Surf SUP was designed with some of the best materials available, using techniques that allow them to create a strong board that is still incredibly lightweight. These two qualities are critical to an inflatable paddle board that is supposed to be portable.

This iSup is constructed using two layers; a drop stitch fabric on the internal layer and then a military grade PVC layer on top. The drop stitch allows the board to hold incredible amounts of weight while weighing very little itself, and the PVC layer makes the board ding-proof.

On a day to day, this means that dropping your board or bumping into the rocks or a jetty is unlikely to cause any damage at all. The military grade PVC is extremely resistant to direct pressure, and that makes the board itself nearly indestructible.

Being inflatable there is no need to use huge amounts of epoxy and other heavy materials to create the rigid core of the board. Instead, it relies upon a strong exterior to protect the internal casing that inflates with air.

This also means that you can roll-up the skin of the board and store it away incredibly easily. Whereas transporting a traditional rigid SUP would usually require a car and roof racks, this iSUP even comes with a backpack in which it can be stored.

If you live within walking distance of the lake or beach, but don’t want to carry a cumbersome board, this inflatable board and bad are the perfect solution. Weighing in at just 25lbs once inflated, it’s light enough for anybody to carry on their back.

Top Features and Specifications

  • Two-layer construction – Designed with a layer of drop stitch fabric that is covered with military grade PVC for the best strength to weight ratio possible. These materials allow the board to hold hundreds of pounds and yet only weight 25lbs themselves.
  • Kit package – This package comes with plenty of premium accessories. As well as the board, you’ll also get; a carbon fiber paddle, three-fin system, leash, deck bag, pump and a backpack.
  • Stability – At 11’ long and 6” deep, this board has plenty of volume, and that gives it exceptional buoyancy, keeping you stable in the roughest conditions. For beginners, this is particularly important, because getting accustomed to standing on the board can be difficult for some.
  • Lightweight – Being an inflatable SUP rather than one made out of fiberglass or foam, this Thurso Surf model is extremely light. This makes transport easy and allows you to access rivers and lakes that would otherwise be impossible to ride.
  • Maneuverable – Despite its length and depth, the board is surprisingly maneuverable, thanks to its 2+1 fin setup which allows you to make much sharper turns. This gives you as a rider the opportunity to grow your skills with the board, rather than having to upgrade and spend more money in the future.

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What Customers Are Saying

After reading tens of reviews on different websites, it’s clear that the overwhelming majority of customers are happy with their purchase. One reviewer noted that the kit that came with the board was one of the biggest factors in his love of the package.

He went on to mention that he’d used the deck bag to keep his drinks cool so that he could enjoy them out in the middle of the lake. These small accessories are often overlooked by board companies, but having a cooler bag to enjoy some adult beverages from can make all the difference.

Another customer on Amazon described how almost every person that he met on the board asked him where they got it from. The striped wood top was exactly what they were looking for, and it looked great in person.

The most common negative review was that the board took a while to pump up. One reviewer mentioned that it took her 15-minutes to inflate the board, which meant that she needed to take a break during pumping.

Fortunately, you can buy a powered pump extremely cheaply online these days and they can either run through your car, from batteries and even with gas. This pump can save you the manual work of pumping up your board and save you a few minutes.

Over and over again, different reviewers have mentioned that the board was extremely stable, far more than they expected. A woman who left a review said that “even a beginner like me can paddle all day long without falling [in the] water,” which proves how stable this board is.

Two different reviews also commented on how lightweight, comfortable and powerful the paddle is. This is extremely important for beginners because they often don’t have the fitness and upper body strength to handle larger aluminum paddles.

The paddle that comes with the Thurso Surf inflatable SUP is made from an ultralight carbon fiber material and has a large face, allowing you to generate plenty of force per stroke.

After trying the paddle out one review says that it “adds more pleasure when [I’m] out on [the] water. [I] will never go back to aluminum paddles after using this.”

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The Verdict

It should be clear that the Thurso Surf SUP is a winner. By combining excellent stability with a three-fin setup, they have created a board that is perfect for beginners and those who are looking for an easy to ride board.

The extra width on this board, when compared to other brands, helps to make it incredibly stable even in moderate waves.

One factor that many board companies often overlook is the accessories that they include in their package. In this case, Thurso Surf has been thoughtful and included useful accessories that are of a high quality.

Small accessories like a leash are things that newcomers to the sport are unlikely to have, and it’s great to see a company keeping these customers in mind. Similarly, the cooler bag is an excellent addition.

Overall, at this price point, the Thurso Surf Inflatable SUP is a great purchase, and it’s tough to find any faults, as you can see from the reviews. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider, the Thurso Surf SUP achieves its goal of being an all-around board for all paddlers.