Tower Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable SUP Reviewed


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This inflatable SUP certainly appears to be an excellent option for newcomers to the world of paddle boards. Frankly, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on your first board and while $695 seems a bit steep, it represents value when it comes to SUPs. But is the Tower Adventurer worth the cash or should you look elsewhere? Read on to find out.

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Tower Adventurer: SUP Features

The Tower Adventurer actually looks rather basic when inflated at first glance but upon closer inspection, you can see it has some nice design features and gives paddlers everything they need without adding unnecessary features. Since it is 9’10” and weighs just 24 pounds when inflated, you can carry this SUP anywhere with ease. Obviously, it is very easy to transport and store once deflated. Despite its light weight, the Tower Adventure can hold up to 400 pounds which is highly impressive. Here are a few of its features:

  • Roll-up carrying strap
  • A D-ring at the rear where you can put the leash
  • The center of the board has a convenient handle
  • There is a removable fin which is large enough for comfortable paddling on flat water
  • The deck pad is diamond grooved so not only do you feel comfortable, you are also secure as you paddle
  • Two fins attached to the sides which can be used for surf or rivers
  • Two year warranty
  • Package deal containing a pump, 3-piece aluminum paddle and board

Setting It Up

We’re delighted to say that setting up the Tower Adventurer inflatable SUP is really easy. There is a valve for inflation and the pump is pretty effective since it only takes a few minutes to fully inflate the board. We were surprised to find the board was extremely rigid at just 11 PSI. This is the recommended PSI for this particular SUP but most inflatable boards need to be inflated to 15 PSI to be as firm as the Tower Adventurer. Yet it is very stable and able to support an enormous amount of weight.

You need to attach the center fin if you plan on paddling in flat water so bear this in mind. The fin attachment on the Tower Adventurer is not the world’s greatest however; it works reasonably well. Our only issue with it was the hex screw that would be very easy to lose. If need be you can always purchase a new screw from Tower but that’s a bit of a pain in the ass.

In fairness, it is easy to attach the fin and it is very solid once screwed in tightly. If you have difficulties with this sort of thing, the instruction manual is very helpful.


Given the relatively low price tag of the Tower Adventurer, it glides along the water admirably. While it isn’t long at 9’10”, it is 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick which aids stability. The extra thickness also comes in handy for keeping your feet above water. While it isn’t the fastest SUP on the market, it is far from being a slug on the water. If you want something faster, the Tower Xplorer is an excellent choice.


We were puzzled to find there was no carry bag; there is a strap which keeps the SUP together when deflated and rolled up but there really should be a carrying bag for the sake of convenience. If this is a big issue for you, perhaps you can purchase a suitable duffel bag online but this obviously adds to your total cost. The Tower Adventurer also doesn’t have extra D-rings for attaching bungee cords or gear. This is not a big deal however as few smaller SUPs actually have these accessories.


The Tower Adventurer is a solid iSUP and well worth the price; this is especially the case if you’re looking for your first board and don’t want to spend a fortune. It is reasonably quick, very stable and can carry a lot of weight. The inflatable nature of the board also ensures it is easy to transport and store which is always a great selling point! Overall, we would rate this a 4.5/5. The only real drawbacks are the accessories and at that price point it’s understandable.

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