Tower Paddle Boards

Tower Paddle Board Reviews

Tower Paddle Boards is the premiere direct to customer wholesale manufacturer. They made a major splash in the paddle board market when they entered the Shark Tank and were able to get buy in from Mark Cuban.

BoardTypeLengthiSUP/Solid?PriceOverall Rating
Tower 14' XplorerRacing/Touring14'iSUP$$
Tower Adventurer 9'10"All-Around9'10"iSUP$$
Tower Fit 9’10”All-Around/Light Surf9'10"Solid$$
Tower G-SUP 10'6"All-Around10'6"Solid$$$

Today they remain one of the elite SUP manufacturers offering iSUP’s, solid construction and exotic material construction. They’re best known for their iSUP series which remains one of the best value buys in the SUP market.

Tower’s marketing pitch is they’re the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer, which means you’ll save $500 or more on the purchase of a new paddle board. They’re certainly one of the cheapest high end manufacturers on the market, but $500 might be a bit of a stretch.

Tower Paddle Board Products

Inflatable SUPs

Tower 14′ Xplorer

Tower’s Xplorer is their 14′ touring/racing iSUP. It’s pretty unique in that there are very few manufacturers producing 14′ inflatables. BOTE, makes a 14′ board, Valhalla – it’s sexy as hell but it’s also $2300. That’s a professional racing board and really not ideal for the average paddler.

You’re not going to see this board dominate the pro tour (you’ll never see an iSUP used in races) but it does move around pretty well for an inflatable stand up paddle board. A great option for someone who wants a board for shorter tours!


The adventurer may be the best beginner board on the market. It’s cheap, it’s incredibly rigid, it is easy to store, easy to travel with and it can carry a rider up to 400lbs.

Yes 400lbs, pretty slick for a tandem paddle cruise.

The other main selling feature is how durable it is. I was always very careful with my inflatables paddle boards. After I saw the way my buddy thrashed his Adventurer around I went out and picked one up. You can throw this iSUP around and you’re not going to find a hole the next time you go for a paddle. After all, what good is “portable” if it’s not durable?

There is a reason that the Adventurer is currently the number one selling, paddle board in the world.  This is a world class board for a very reasonable price. For anyone looking for a flat water board this is the one I recommend every time.

Solid Construction

Tower Fit 9’10”

The 9’10” Fit is another great entry level board. If you plan on eventually progressing your SUP skills to the surf you’ll want to start by looking for a solid construction board as opposed to a an iSUP.

This board is beautifully designed and shaped for maximum stability, while keeping relatively short.  The Fit achieves this by creating a wider than normal board. Creating a wider board allows you to reduce the length, while actually achieving slightly better stability. The one drawback is it doesn’t maneuver as effortlessly as other sub 10’ boards. Its great for smaller waves, but once you get over a few feet you’ll want a skinnier, more mobile board.

10’6” G-SUP

If you’ve ever had a paddle board crack before this might be the replacement you’re looking for. The G-SUP may be the most durable board on the market and it’s sold at a very reasonable price.

Aside from the durability, the G-SUP is a fairly standard all-around board. It’s 10’6” weighs, 30lbs and can hold a 250lb rider. Overall, this is a terrific board if you’re prone to beating the piss out of your SUPs.