Tuga Stand-Up Paddleboards Review

TUGA Stand Up Paddle Boards

Tuga Short bio


Tuga is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of paddleboards. Over the last 5 years, Tuga has been serving the Great Lakes region and has become known for making high quality boards that are functional and beautiful. Their price points are very competitive and they have a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Tuga SUP Full bio:

The Great Lakes is the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth. It is also the playground for Tuga Paddleboards, a Canadian designer and manufacturer that made its name over the last 5 years for making exceptional boards with great designs. Tuga has quickly evolved its product offering and now produces performance boards for racing, SUP Surfing and SUP River Surfing.

Tuga Tiff 10’6”

Tuga Tiff Sup Board

The Tiff is a very beautiful board. It features a very surf-friendly diamond tail. At 31” wide, it is a little bit more maneuverable than most 10’6” boards, which are 32” wide. It has full rails along the centre of the board and foiled rails at the nose and tail, allowing for easier pivot and bottom turns. The board has a great price point at $1,049 – especially considering it comes loaded with extras such as a paddle bungee, GoPro mount and cargo bungees.

Tuga La Turista 11’6” x 29 ½” x 4 ½”


Tuga’s signature board, the 11’6” Turista, is a compact touring board that is fast, stable and versatile. It strikes a very good balance and makes this a great board for any condition. One of the unique features of this board is the single concave at the tail, which forms a channel for the water to escape the bottom of the board, thus reducing drag and maximizing the efficiency of your strokes. The board also has a great price at $1,345 and includes useful extras such as a paddle bungee, cargo bungee and GoPro mount.

YellowTail 11’6”

Tuga Yellow Tail SUP

The 11’6” YellowTail is a stable and fun flat-water board. At 11’6” it can handle almost anyone, even passengers! It has very little rocker, which increases the surface area on the water making it more stable. At 32” wide and 4 3/8” thickness, it has enough volume to stay stable in almost any conditions. Its round pintail allows it to perform smooth pivot turns when needed and it can also get trekking very efficiently. It comes loaded with the standard Tuga extras. The price is $1,195.

Tuga AIR 10’6”

Tuga Air SUP

The technology used on this board is impressive in that it lets you get to 25 PSI, and it also has a great rocker. It is as rigid as the best boards in the industry and the rocker line is high enough to cut through the chop. Both factors contribute to a smooth ride. The board is very fun and it comes with peace of mind: a flex-fin and a 2-year warranty. Not bad for under 1K.

Tuga FitBoard 10’6”

Tuga Fit Stand Up Paddle Board

The FitBoard is one of Tuga’s most unique boards. It features 2 anchors at the nose and tail of the board to which you can tie resistance bands and perform a complete workout. The boards are used mainly for SUP Yoga and SUP Pilates by SUP Fitness Organizations in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and New York. The board’s paddle holder is incredibly useful when working out – and the board comes with 2 sets of resistance bands and retails in the U.S. and Canada for $1,355.


As a smaller company, these guys put in their hearts and brains on their boards and customers and it shows. The designs are beautiful and the boards are well made. Overall, this brand offers great value. You can find Tuga’s full line up here.

I’ll leave you with this from Tuga. If this doesn’t make you wish for paddle season…

Tuga Summer 2015 Video