Underwater Disposable Camera for SUP’s

Let’s get real about one thing. The thrill of a good SUP session keeps you amped for a good few hours after you get out of the water, and telling your friends about it gets them into the feel of it too. But what’s even more rewarding is having the pictures to paint the experience of the story in full color. A picture really does say a thousand words, but not everyone wants to buy a full HD underwater camera complete with all the digital features.

Grab someone and get them in the water with you to take some amazing pictures with a disposable waterproof camera the next time you go SUPin’. It’ll be worth it and might swing you over into buying something like a waterproof action camera with all the great specs that the digital element adds. We’ve gathered information on 3 of the best and most reliable disposable underwater cameras and compared them so that you don’t have to do the guessing work. Take a look at what these guys do and where they come in on the price rank.

Polaroid Waterproof Single Use Disposable Camera

BASL35V_polaroid_polaroid_underwater_dis_camera_blueThis model comes in at the bottom of our ranks but that doesn’t mean it won’t perform. It can safely take pictures underwater and water won’t leak in through the protective casing. It can go down to 32 feet comfortably while still producing good quality photos.

It’s quite easy and simple to use and can really handle the scraping and banging around that the underwater scenery can dish up. It comes loaded with a 27 shot film that will have you capturing those splashes of brilliance.

On the down side the price really isn’t nearly as attractive as the camera and if it wasn’t for that price we would have been a lot more excited about it. Also, it tends to lose focus and sometimes the pictures come out very blurry. All in all, this camera isn’t a bad choice if you are looking for something to capture the moment with.

Kodak Sports Disposable Camera

kodakThe name says it all here. This bad boy of disposable’s can capture great details in high definition and all that while the picture is moving! You definitely won’t be needing it this deep while SUPing but just so you know, this camera takes vibrant and clear snaps at a range of 50 feet deep.

It handles the water conditions perfectly and the fact that it’s so rugged and durable and has an ultra-shock proof rubber shell makes it even more appealing. It comes with the Kodak MAX Versatility Plus Film which has been causing excitement because it combines the color, detail and clarity of low speed films with all the great effects of high speed films. It has a neat little wrist band so that you can secure the camera either to your arm or to a life jacket if you choose. With the price of only $11.05 it’s quite affordable and won’t break the bank.

The only problem that this unit seems to have is the fact that it doesn’t have a flash and the lens seems a little too small. But you should keep in mind that when you are SUPing you won’t be needing a flash for taking pics as you aren’t actually diving 30 feet under water.

So it might not be 100% perfect, but it’s definitely one of the best.

Fujifilm Quick Snap Waterproof Single Use Disposable Camera

fujifilmThis is the cheapest of the models that we have on our list but that doesn’t mean the quality will be cheap. This camera takes excellent photos in wet and wild conditions and will leave you happy with the results you get for the price you pay. It has a wrist band to make sure you camera doesn’t get lost in the wild waters. The sturdy and durable outer casing of the camera is completely waterproof and can go down up to 35 feet.  The SUPERIA X-Tra film really gets the fine details of the action captured and brings it to life again.

It’s essential to know that this guy doesn’t have a flash either, in fact you’ll be lucky to find a disposable camera sporting a flash. One other thing that seems to be a little less desirable is the fact that the camera sometimes loses focus and pictures come out dull.  Remember though that all things man made have a flaw here and there. This is a great unit at a great price that will serve its purpose in the best possible way.

If we had to choose one…

If we had to pick just one, then the Kodak Sports would be it. It’s perfect for the sport of Stand up Paddle boarding and can and will definitely capture the essence of your session so that you can portray that to your friends and family. There’s just something about a picture, a real one for that matter, that makes a story that much more interesting.

We hope that after reading this article you’ll feel enlightened about what to look for to capture all your SUPing action and help you save those memories for a lifetime to come.